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Warok, Weaponproof Warrior of Ponorogo

Warok, Weaponproof Warrior of Ponorogo

The ancient inherited cultures in the city of Ponorogo are still in a deep undisclose for some society. Pomorogo, an 1 hour flight plus 2 hours train from Jakarta were before the Bantar Agin kingdom. The kingdom rebel to the bigger Majapahit kingdom. The villages in the ancient Ponorogo were lead and protected by a warrior. A warrior that some say has extra supranatural power and skills to protect them and the village from attack from another warrior or village.

A dancer that no win modern world preserving the dance of Reyog

In a village that run by a warok, warok has the highest social structure and being honored chief among society. Warok also usually run a  group of Reyog dance, which a symbol of his wealth and status. The ancient reyog now rarely performed compared to modified reog dance. We have seen them both and the difference is very easy to spot.

One of these Warok warrior has in their list are weaponproof, bulletproof, and more to some kind of martial art skills. The warok had their skills by learning from different gurus by visiting them in many cities. Once they finished all skills from one guru they move to other guru.

Some of the nowadays (not to say modern) waroks are practising their supranatural ability as shaman or witch doctor. The interest to get cure or healed from any diseases or vodoo by visiting the warok are still in the society mind today.

See below amateur video, showing a warok’s teacher demonstrate what he learned, and that super human body ability are still exist today. Been there and see myself.


Below film is courtesy of RT Question More