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In 2019, 20+ worldwide production houses/clients and us had been on 240+ shooting days , with more than 210+ foreign crews, 1400+ extras involved, 200+ local crews and suppliers, 600+ locations.
Our portfolios mostly worldwide documentary film production in Indonesia as well as foreign country production team of TV journalist, TV live report, TVC, Cinema film production, Youtubers and TV series.

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Film Location Scouting

Indonesia's vast archipelago of 17500+islands, 800+ tribes, hundreds of urban modern cities and rich marine underwater life offers unlimited range of shooting location. Our 20+ years of travelling Indonesia to advise locations will save scouting time for filming. There are unlimited locations possibilities, numbers of inhabitant islands, filmic and epic sets, various cultures and colors to film. Remote area emergency medical precaution are in our list of expertise.

Filming Permits & Visas

The initial plan to move forward is to assure is the permit done properly. So then your footage and films will be legally achieved with no future problems. We foreseen these. Obtaining shooting permits from government in Jakarta to the location permits, journalist visas and special entry for national parks DOES NOT takes much time and efforts as you may think of. We are able to liaising to government and local authorities for permits in Indonesia nationwide.

Logistic & Travel

Travelling with large or small crew member could be a big operations. We experienced to work with worldwide production houses from a single producer travelling to a 100+ foreign crews for cinema wide screen filming in Indonesia nationwide. We are handling any types of travel, accommodation, logistic, freight, renting facilities. Transporting within Indonesia by sea/air/land, helicopter, private jet or yachts

Local Supports & Fixing

Local supporting and fixer in Indonesia. To meet your demand for local talented crew and know-how-to make a solutions on day-to-day field assistance for smooth production. We have team of most talented from all over Indonesia during production, interpreters, local custom advises, asset/props, administration/budget tracking. Crew hire, equipment rentals, wardrobes, extras, arts, talents, runners, drone, Voicer over artists and filming studio arrangement.

Remote Production

When you can't travel to Indonesia due some reasons, or time is too tight to meet the deadline, we can make production for you. Within any standard deliverance, less budget, and international quality footage result. Let us know your technical requirements, synopsis, storyboard, or questions list for documentaries production. Anywhere in Indonesia, our experienced team is ready to film. Raw footage will deliver over internet or we ship L'acies through courier for your final cut. REMOTE VIDEO PRODUCTION

Made To Order Documentary Film

We have so many stories to tell, from cultures, arts, flora and fauna, endangered species, underwater in a ready to made package. Full thorough from general synopsis, to local knowledge and understanding of creating interviews questions. Experiences taught us how to make the most of your story. With a vast selection of stories, a fully controlled budget, same deliveries standard, all in one package.


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Our recent supported filming production. Scouting, fixers, location & filming permits, sea transportation and accommodation, locations scouting/recce, travel arrangement & catering arrangement

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" Always delivered ! Should be your middle name" Nov 3, 2016


Big thanks mate. For the last shoot. I'm sending your contact to production company who are interested in filming.
Peace and Love. Willy. Nov 9, 2016

Will ChurchillDirector of photography

We had a great trip thank you for everything John! We definitely want to explore other parts of Indonesia. Will definitely make for great Youtube videos. I will be sure to send them to you. Once again you're the best John!

S Deighs - USAProducer

Thank you for a wonderful shoot, everything was great and went smoothly.

MattAIW for Amazon

Your help was invaluable. Brilliant work, we really appreciate it. All the best for the future and hope our paths cross again. Take Care.


You did a very good job for us Johannes. Thank you for all your excellent work, and I hope we get the chance to work with you again. Best wishes Alan

AlanITN - Channel 5

Thank you Johannes for all your hard work, and for helping us get through it all. You were a massive help, and we were lucky to have you.

Have a lovely run up to Christmas, and a good break lying on the beach!


We had a great response and are very happy with the way it turned out. Thank you very much for your hard work

Mike, SBS

Filming in National Parks

Your 51 places to choose of Indonesia Preserved Nature

Devil’s Miner, Sulfuric mining job in Mt Ijen

Mt Ijen, a complex group composite volcanoes in east Java – Indonesia. stratovolcanic mountain that still actively producing sulfuric fuymes. The largest caldera is Mt Ijen, a 20 kilometers wide craters with turquoise coloured acidic crater lake. This very lake is where the peopple around it mining the sulfuirs rocks and carry on their shoulder for kilometers to the collection points. This active volcanoes also […]

Baliem Valley, where time stops.

West papua, the largest island with its terrain and deep tropical rain forest, i mean very thick jungle, contoured with rivers hundreds of kilometres long, variety of flora and fauna, also known as one of the less explored places on earth. Baliem valley mainly reserved for Dani, Lani and Yali tribe along with other smaller tribes. A famous Baliem river border the valley. live with […]

Bromo Semeru National Parks – Sea of Sands

Located 2,392 meters above sea level, the crater of this ancient vulcanic are still active and still sending sulfured gas out of its peak at 2,770 meters asl. Surrounded by a long flat vast sands plateau ‘Sea of Sand’ or called Segara wedi by locals . Mt Bromo erupted several times in 2004, 2010 and 2011. The caldera are still in active states until January […]

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Baliem Valley Wamena, The Danis and Baliem Valley Festival

2018 schedule; August 8-10 Tribe mock war festival 2018 Baliem valley cullutre festival. By attending the massive Baliem Valley Festival, visitors will have a rare chance to learn and experience firsthand the different traditions of each tribe participating in the Festival without having to make the difficult trek to their compounds deep in the hinterland of West Papua. During the festival, have your camera ready. […]

citarum river polutions

Citarum River, The Most Polluted River in the World ??

The Citarum River, made of 75 springs downstream to 7 rivers and combined in one Citarum river. Situ Cisanti or lake Cisanti is one of the 7 spring lake that flows into Citarum. This river also use as powering Indonesia Power’s power plan in Saguling dam. The citizen along the 7 sub river of Citarum are also benefit from Citarum, as irrigation for farmer’s rice […]

The Mentawais

The Mentawais living in an ‘Uma’ or a long house with 2 – 5 families in the same roof, the house can be live by some 20ish people in a family. Chief of a house or a settlement or they call ‘Sikerei’ is the chief, head of the family, and the doctor, witch doctor, and ritual leader. Social structures seems to be hold entirely by the […]

The Asmat Tribe

Asmat Tribe are living in the West Papua- Indonesia, their settlement are in the southern west of the island. Asmat living in the estuaries, where other settlement are also living upriver and in the forest. They share common language but different dialec. Why worth to film? Asmat’s cultures evolved from the Papuan stone age. They live by fishing (estuaries and ocean) hunting (upstreams) and they […]

Equipment Rentals & Local Crew Hire

Tell My Stories: Filming in Indonesia


Filming Around Lombok Island

Lombok Island, an island next to Bali, hold many potentials for filming. Mostly offers stunning landscapes and mountain, rice fields and peoples. The island has many undiscovered beaches and locations, savannah like, a small road crossing the rice fields and more. Peoples, Road along the beach, contoured terrain, bat caves, waterfalls The mountain area are no less stunning. And when it come to modern busy […]

Asia’s Largest Shrimp Farming

Dipa Sena, A location in Sumatra, stretched along 2000 kilometres along the coastline lies the largest shrimp plantation in Asia. This area along was supplying 38% of world shrimp demands. They produce both “udang Windu” ( penaeus monodon ) and “udang Vanamei” ( litopenaeus vannamei ). The area run by a company called PT Dipasena, the area then named after the company name. Dipasena share […]

Baliem Valley Wamena, The Danis and Baliem Valley Festival

2018 schedule; August 8-10 Tribe mock war festival 2018 Baliem valley cullutre festival. By attending the massive Baliem Valley Festival, visitors will have a rare chance to learn and experience firsthand the different traditions of each tribe participating in the Festival without having to make the difficult trek to their compounds deep in the hinterland of West Papua. During the festival, have your camera ready. […]

Tawan, Indonesia first homemade bionic man. Is he ?

Tawan, or Sutawan, or Wayan Sumardana, a 31 years old indonesian in Nyuh Tebel Bali, who created a bionic arm for himself out of junk, that he said controlled by his brain ring that reads the pulse of brain electric signal. Wayan Sumardana is a welder, works at his place in Karangasem, a 2 hour drive from popular Denpasar/Kuta tourim spots. The story became from […]

Nabire, West Papua – Indonesia

Nabire the city located at the Cendrawasih Bay in West Papua. Cendrawasih bay itself well-known for its whale shark. Close to Nabire to Kwatisore the clear water offer a swimming with whale shark, a good filming location. With a boat ride 26 nautical miles from Nabire you will reach where te whale sharks are. The sharks are usually swimming around the Fish aggregating floating pontoon […]

Exorcism in Indonesia

I can cast our the demon from her, but she will be die, because the demon had been attached to her body This was no movie scene of The Conjuring or other ghost movies in Indonesia, this is real story. A your female looking straight to Lukas Bagus Taufik Nanda Prasitio. As the female prefer to duel with him, she bring her face closely to […]

Papua Baliem Valley and Dani Tribe, Wamena – West Papua

Wamena is a capital town of Jayawijaya Regency. The largest town in the highlands of Papua. We reached this city (Wamena/WMX) on a short 35 minutes flight from Jayapura (DJJ). Arriving the city we transfer to the nearby hotels, the best hotel available in Wamena, the building is quite new, rebuild after the president of Indonesia visiting the city. The tribe of Dani we are filming […]

Toraja’s Rambu Solo: Who Died to Live Another Life.

Mr Alan Sr is a social leader in Toraja, He was one of the most respected elder in his village, a village in Sesean, Northern. He choose to live his life in that village of his childhood, leaving alone the possibility to travel and earning better jobs in other city. He was a famous village chief at his time, he also the first person who […]

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We have been fixing for many places in Indonesia nationwide, handling filming permit in Indonesia, locations permit, logistic management, travel & accommodation management, crew hire, equipment rental, communication, props, extras, runners for production houses and broadcast networks worldwide client. From a modest 2 crew documentary to the 100+ foreign crew, 1000+ extras, talents, wardrobes and all aspect of filming in Indonesia. We also able to self produce for your TVC, documentary, company profiles as by your synopsis. Ask us for our showreels.

Please feel free to contact us with all your filming support request in Indonesia, survey questions, research on locations, recce plan, with as detail as possible on location, time of shooting, local support needed, we will be happy to help with the information. We specialize assisting shooting in island archipelago of Indonesia, marines, yachting/boating, underwater filming, remote tribes and cultures and on any location in Indonesia. Or if you looking for something specific, let us know, big chance we can help you with your finding.
We will respond your request within 24 hours with as much information possible for you to encourage filming in Indonesia.

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