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Journalist visa is a mandatory to filming indonesia. It assure your production is legal. Applying and acquiring journalist visa for your team is easy. Works with journalist visa, and working with us to be legally filming in Indonesia offer a legal footage, less problems within your productions, and our local knowledge will helps you a lot in many aspect.

Local Fixer service

Filming Indonesia operation is to ensure your production running smoothly with detailed attention to preparation, looking ahead for any possibilities, to be successful production that be well planned, well execute, well managed.


Technology breaks up the obstacle of distance, with live broadcast for any event will shorten the communications and delivering information much faster. We can assist you to live broadcast any event, or any occasions that you wanted to broadcast live in realtime.


Making documentary film in Indonesia offers a wide variety of topics and subjects ans stunning vibrants locations, peoples, cultures and enviromentals Our experience will assist your documentary filming in Indonesia. Either you coming with your team or we can produce it remotely for you. Assure your remote research for making documentary filming in Indonesia are valid, and creating a strong-sharp story audio and visually.


Our Portfolios wide ranging from cinema, documentaries, reality shows, ENG, International event, Sports events, etc. Have a look to build trust and confidence working with Filming Indonesia


Flying Drone in Indonesia does needs special requirement. It also needs special permit along with shooting production permit. Part of the requirement are the drone has to fly by Indonesian pilot and permit from the ministry of transportation, and nearby ATC where applicable



In 2019, only 20+ worldwide production houses/clients and us had been on 240+ shooting days , with more than 210+ foreign crews, 1400+ extras involved, 200+ local crews and suppliers, 600+ locations.

Our portfolios mostly worldwide documentary film production in Indonesia as well as foreign country production team of TV journalist, TV live report, TVC, Cinema film production, Youtubers and TV series.

Nowadays, we pass the 200+ productions so far and counting. With the experience on the field and runing your team’s journalist visa process swiftly as well as our intl’ recognized crew, we are one of the most productive production house in Indonesia.

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Filming Locations

Indonesia is tropical country made of 17500 islands, stretched 5,150 km from west to east. Indonesia has high humidity, temperature range from 21C (30F) to 36C (97F) on most part of the archipelago. Some mountain and highland can be as low as 4 Celcius. This offers various color and terrain for the filming locations.





Indonesia’s 51 National Parks

Indonesia, A vast archipelago islands with over 17,500 islands and 800 tribes, with longest beach line in the world has 51 National Parks. Where all national park floras and faunas are well protected and preserved at their best nature conditions.
There are so many to choose from in Indonesia to choose from. Landscapes, cultures, tribes, jungles, temples, cities, peoples, beaches, animals, national parks, kingdoms, Palaces, abandoned places, farming, rice fields, rice terraces, plantations, factories, tropical, villas, luxury houses , traditional rites, so much more

National Parks

Hi End Equipment & Camera Rentals

Sometimes carrying heavy cinema camera and lenses is not the way to keep the budget as planned. The cost of the extra luggage can be very pricey.

Either you need to rent a set of cinema lenses, Alexa series, other equipment that may save the cost and time, we can provide the equipment rental on a grade A equipment which has less than 2000 hrs uses. Ensure the production will be smooth, we added assistant to Cameramen to aid you on rigging and unrigging the equipment. What you need is only to press the ‘record’ button. A peace of mind!

Camera Rental


We have been working in more than 200 film production so far and counting.

Most are internationally films and events, either documentary, cinemas, reality shows, ENG, international events, reportage, etc. List of our portfolios are found here.

Terra-X German TV

You set high standard for our next stringer/fixer .. Good job well done !

Bjorn - Director of Photography

Badminton World Federation for Infront Sports

Hi Johannes, Thanks for the kind words, I wasn't in Bali, but thanks to you and your team we were able to complete 3 x events remotely with success. If I am ever in Bali, I'll get in touch.


Documentary for SBS Australia

We had a great response and are very happy with the way it turned out. Thank you very much for your hard work



Thank you Johannes for all your hard work, and for helping us get through it all. You were a massive help, and we were lucky to have you. Have a lovely run up to Christmas, and a good break lying on the beach!


You did a very good job for us Johannes. Thank you for all your excellent work, and I hope we get the chance to work with you again. Best wishes Alan

Alan ITN

India for ITN Europe

Your help was invaluable. Brilliant work, we really appreciate it. All the best for the future and hope our paths cross again. Take Care.

India - Producer

S. Gianini for RAI3 TV ITALY

Dear Jho, I saw the footage yesterday, congratulations. You were really good. You are in copy with the producer ... -16 February 2021

S. Gianini - Producer

All is Well For Amazon Web Service

Thank you for a wonderful shoot, everything was great and went smoothly.

Matt - Producer

Brooke L - USA

Again it was so great to work with you. Thanks for being on it and helping us get everything we need!

- Producer

BBC Producer

" Always delivered ! Should be your middle name" Nov 3, 2016

Sam W - {roducer

Will Churchill BBC

Big thanks mate. For the last shoot. I'm sending your contact to production company who are interested in filming. Peace and Love. Willy. Nov 9, 2016

Will Churchill - Director of Photography

Sam Deighs, USA

We had a great trip thank you for everything John! We definitely want to explore other parts of Indonesia. Will definitely make for great Youtube videos. I will be sure to send them to you. Once again you're the best John!

Sam Deighs, USA - Producer


We are your internal team you to live broadcast any event, or any occasions that you wanted to broadcast live in real-time single cam r multi cam .


Making documentary film in Indonesia offers a wide variety of topics and subjects in stunning vibrant locations, peoples, cultures and enviromentals.


A big complex production involving a lot of crews, locations, extras, we have proven experiences. You will only need to press the red record button and create block buster movies !


An international events, last minute assignment, we do South East Asian-wide ENG assignment

Film It Beautifully

Locations are very important to create stunning films. We understand that, and together we will achieve that goal


Characterized by a rich tapestry of ethnicities, languages, and cultures, Indonesians are known for their warm hospitality and resilience. The majority follow Islam, contributing to the nation’s cultural identity. The Javanese are the largest ethnic group, but Indonesia embraces over 300 distinct ethnicities. Traditional art, dance, and music play a significant role in daily life, reflecting the country’s cultural vibrancy. Indonesians’ daily life is influenced by a harmonious blend of ancient traditions.


Culinary experiences range from street food stalls serving Nasi Goreng in Jakarta to fine-dining establishments in Bali, celebrated for its innovative Indonesian cuisine. Warungs, traditional eateries, offer local dishes, while seafood lovers can relish beachfront restaurants. With a blend of luxury and cultural authenticity, Indonesia’s hospitality industry ensures a memorable experience for every filmmakers.


Nation that weaves its vibrant cultural tapestry through its diverse cities. Jakarta, the bustling capital, is a dynamic metropolis where modern skyscrapers stand alongside historical landmarks, reflecting the nation’s progress. In general, Indonesia’s cities offer a spectrum of vibes, from the energetic and cosmopolitan to the serene and culturally rich, providing visitors with a diverse range of experiences within this archipelagic nation.


A melting pot of diverse cultures and ethnicities, with over 300 distinct groups contributing to the nation’s rich tapestry. The Javanese, the largest ethnic group, predominantly inhabit Java and are known for their refined arts and traditions. Balinese culture is deeply rooted in Hinduism, expressed through dance, art, and ceremonies. The Minangkabau of West Sumatra is matrilineal, with unique architecture and traditional ceremonies.


Renowned for its rich marine biodiversity and vibrant coral reefs. The Coral Triangle, which includes Indonesian waters, is a global epicenter for marine life. Raja Ampat, located in West Papua, is celebrated for its staggering diversity, housing over 1,500 species of fish and 75% of the world’s coral species. Komodo National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is famed for its strong currents attracting diverse marine species, including sharks and mantas.


Nestled within the Pacific Ring of Fire, Indonesia is a nation of unparalleled natural beauty and geological wonder. The archipelago is home to over 130 active volcanoes, showcasing the fiery might of the Earth’s tectonic forces.

Stretching across the Indonesian archipelago, the Ring of Fire has bestowed upon the nation a stunning and diverse landscape. Iconic volcanoes like Mount Merapi and Mount Bromo punctuate the horizon, drawing both adventurers and scientists eager to witness the pulsating heartbeat of the Earth.


Pristine well-preserved locations, for conservations of specific species make these national parks become the ideal sets for filmmakers making unique picturesque backdrop. Located in 51 area in Indonesia offers a underwater marine life, Rhinos, Orangutan, Komodo, Bird of Paradise cultures, remote tribes and Snow mountain peak, savanna and more.


Our productions are widely range for many TV stations, documentaries, cinemas, reality shows, reportage, events and live broadcast

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A well prepared production will ensure the success of one movie. a look at closer details result to a swift and cost efficient budgeting and time management. Lets speak and discuss ahead for alloptions that will maximize the result of the production flows.

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First thing first! Filming Permit and journalist visa

Rule and regulations of filming permit is simple, and can be as quick procedure to finish  under one month time table. It is a simple bureaucracy that ensure your footages are legit. keeping the foreseen problem away in the future when you broadcast your movie.

List Indonesian Embassy Worldwide Need us to prepare the application. Fill in here

Recce & Pre-production stage

A good location backdrop, and location/venue permit is one that we cant take it lightly. A well plan production will save a lot on time energy and efforts to make a great movie. Lets explore studios, places and venue you need. A sound check, sunrise/set check, peoples and maybe props you need. We can assist you remotely and directly.

Journalist visa assistance Our fixing service

Let’s make it happen

Well prepared, well planned, well executed productions to be!

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... For Every Step Of The Way ...



Together we will create a flawless smooth productions,  beautiful film as your vision and need, creating visuals and imaginations is your limit

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Where have we been?

What we have travelled Indonesia, from the westernmost to the easternmost as the northernmost to the southernmost, visiting hundreds cities, working with thousands people, networking and sourcing current valid information for filming, arranging logistic for small and large production, providing filming equipment rentals, extras, resources for successful productions throughout these years.

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