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For Every Step Of The Way

Film Location Scouting

Indonesia's vast archipelago of 17500+islands, 800+ tribes, hundreds of urban modern cities and rich marine underwater life offers unlimited range of shooting location. Our 20+ years of travelling Indonesia to advise locations will save scouting time for filming. There are unlimited locations possibilities, numbers of inhabitant islands, filmic and epic sets, various cultures and colors to film.
Remote area emergency medical precaution are in our list of expertise.

Filming Permits & Visas

The initial plan to move forward is to assure is the permit done properly. So then your footage and films will be legally achieved with no future problems. We foreseen these. Obtaining shooting permits from government in Jakarta to the location permits, journalist visas and special entry for national parks DOES NOT takes much time and efforts as you may think of. We are able to liaising to government and local authorities for permits in Indonesia nationwide.

Logistic & Travel

Travelling with large or small crew member could be a big operations. We experienced to work with worldwide production houses from a single producer travelling to a 100+ foreign crews for cinema wide screen filming in Indonesia nationwide. We are handling any types of travel, accommodation, logistic, freight, renting facilities. Transporting within Indonesia by sea/air/land, helicopter, private jet or yachts

Local Supports & Fixing

Local supporting and fixer in Indonesia. To meet your demand for local talented crew and know-how-to make a solutions on day-to-day field assistance for smooth production. We have team of most talented from all over Indonesia during production, interpreters, local custom advises, asset/props, administration/budget tracking. Crew hire, equipment rentals, wardrobes, extras, arts, talents and filming studio arrangement.

Recent Clients

Our recent supported filming production. Scouting, fixers, location & filming permits, sea transportation and accommodation, locations scouting/recce, travel arrangement & catering arrangement

Filming in Indonesia

What they think about us.

" Always delivered ! Should be your middle name" Nov 3, 2016


Big thanks mate. For the last shoot. I'm sending your contact to production company who are interested in filming.
Peace and Love. Willy. Nov 9, 2016

Will ChurchillDirector of photography

We had a great trip thank you for everything John! We definitely want to explore other parts of Indonesia. Will definitely make for great Youtube videos. I will be sure to send them to you. Once again you're the best John!

S Deighs - USAProducer

Thank you for a wonderful shoot, everything was great and went smoothly.

MattAIW for Amazon

Your help was invaluable. Brilliant work, we really appreciate it. All the best for the future and hope our paths cross again. Take Care.


You did a very good job for us Johannes. Thank you for all your excellent work, and I hope we get the chance to work with you again. Best wishes Alan

AlanITN - Channel 5

Thank you Johannes for all your hard work, and for helping us get through it all. You were a massive help, and we were lucky to have you.

Have a lovely run up to Christmas, and a good break lying on the beach!


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Our recent works, Journalist, News, Documentaries, TV Series, Reality Shows, Breaking News, Remote Areas

” … there is nothing left i feel inside me now, not even my soul …”

An earthquake of 7.7 M shakes Palu, a city in Sulawesi Indonesia, creating a 3,8 meters tsunami that hit the city and destroyed everything in its path. The shakes also created a liquification, sinking 2 villages with almost 2500+ houses with everyone that unable to run inside the house. Sunk into a 10 meters deep mud. Lani is one of the survivor tells us her […]

citarum river polutions

Citarum River, The Most Polluted River in the World ??

The Citarum River, made of 75 springs downstream to 7 rivers and combined in one Citarum river. Situ Cisanti or lake Cisanti is one of the 7 spring lake that flows into Citarum. This river also use as powering Indonesia Power’s power plan in Saguling dam. The citizen along the 7 sub river of Citarum are also benefit from Citarum, as irrigation for farmer’s rice […]

Bush Pilot Papua – Indonesia, nerve of steel pilots

Papua, last pristine tropical jungle in the world has a lot of challenge for distributing food and aids thru the dense thick jungle. The most possible is thru the air, with limited landing strip facilities in the dense jungle, uncertain weather and fog condition. Those airplane is piloted by the brave, the people with nerve of steel, when you heard the plane starts talking to […]

Warok, Weaponproof Warrior of Ponorogo

The ancient inherited cultures in the city of Ponorogo are still in a deep undisclose for some society. Pomorogo, an 1 hour flight plus 2 hours train from Jakarta were before the Bantar Agin kingdom. The kingdom rebel to the bigger Majapahit kingdom. The villages in the ancient Ponorogo were lead and protected by a warrior. A warrior that some say has extra supranatural power […]

Equipment Rentals & Local Crew Hire

Tell My Stories: Filming in Indonesia


Indonesia E-waste

We consumed goods that created waste after use lifetime, or life-cycle. It may plastics, air pollution, sound pollution, water pollution. Have you every think about where will your unused cellular phone ended up? or perhaps your broken fridge, or non-LCD TV from the old days? Or your old computers motherboard and monitor? Indonesia, with more than 230 million people will create plenty of used consumer […]

The Vagabond Kids

The vagabond has true meaning win this young boys minds. They are at age before 20s and have their dream of accomplishing the ultimate adventure goal. The adventure that only the braves and most determine is able to achieve. The ride on motorbike scooter for over 3,088 kilometers that may take time one year to complete. Menying is one of this youngsters club, or communities […]

Toraja’s Rambu Solo: Who Died to Live Another Life.

Mr Alan Sr is a social leader in Toraja, He was one of the most respected elder in his village, a village in Sesean, Northern. He choose to live his life in that village of his childhood, leaving alone the possibility to travel and earning better jobs in other city. He was a famous village chief at his time, he also the first person who […]

A ‘Filthy’ Rich US$ 100,000 Beggar Phenomenon

Compassion, feel bad for other human being condition is become the nature of human. Whenever we saw a poor man begging for coins are always move everyone heart. Encouraging us to helps in the form of giving small change that we take it for granted almost as useless cash. This useless coins for some people are wealth for somebody elses. Tickling our sense of helping […]

The Night Butterflies

Night butterflies, a popular nick name reference for Indonesian female prostitutes. They are usually operating under the blanket of the nights, street side or organized. Filling the wish of every man fantasies that pay them. Melati, a 20 years old girls, working this job since she was 15 y.o. She inherit the job from her mother that was a night butterfly. She was always wanted […]

Is it True Love?

There are so many nationality-mix connection in popular tourists destination island. With so many opportunities to meet with other nations, races, that come as tourist, locals are often involve in more than host and guest. The women and girls are getting attracted to what they see. Better posture, taller groom potential, better opportunity financially and prospect to have better looking kids, so they said. Girls […]

Baduy Dalam, The isolated tribe inside busy modern lives

There are 56 villages complex in the Badui on the 5012 hectares. An area that is 120 kilometers away from Jakarta to the Banten province. Kanekes, is the name of the area, that later is well known as Baduy. Baduy, named after Dutch etnographer visited them in 1845, 1891 and in 1909. This community mentioned as Badoe’i, badoei andor badoewi. The names probably refer to […]

Orangutan, endangered species in Borneo

Borneo, or Kalimantan is the largest island in Indonesian archipelago, also one of the largest island in the globe. This island holds a rich tropical rainforest and vast variety of flora and fauna. It also habitat of endemic animal. One of that endemic in Borneo is Orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus). The habitat of Orang Utan that has been decreasing due to logging, land clearance and mining, […]

Filming in Indonesia, Fixer in Indonesia

Most Productive Indonesia Fixer & Local Producer Production Company

We have been fixing for many places in Indonesia nationwide, handling filming permit in Indonesia, locations permit, logistic management, travel & accommodation management, crew hire, equipment rental, communication, props, extras, runners for production houses and broadcast networks worldwide client. From a modest 2 crew documentary to the 100+ foreign crew, 1000+ extras, talents, wardrobes and all aspect of filming in Indonesia. We also able to self produce for your TVC, documentary, company profiles as by your synopsis. Ask us for our showreels.

Please feel free to contact us with all your filming support request in Indonesia, survey questions, research on locations, recce plan, with as detail as possible on location, time of shooting, local support needed, we will be happy to help with the information. We specialize assisting shooting in island archipelago of Indonesia, marines, yachting/boating, underwater filming, remote tribes and cultures and on any location in Indonesia. Or if you looking for something specific, let us know, big chance we can help you with your finding.
We will respond your request within 24 hours with as much information possible for you to encourage filming in Indonesia.

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