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Indonesia Fixers, Bali Based Shooting/Filming Fixer, Bali Film Production Company

Combination of knowledge and know-how to perform an onsite travel solutions, local customs advice, cultures and cultural show, un-seen locations in Indonesia’s 16,800 islands. Our team with 20+ years of experiences, knowledge of destinations, cultures, and mastering the art of exploring the archipelago of Indonesia that based on first-hand our lifetime journey of guiding people overland, trekking, live aboard boat, scuba diving, luxury super yacht and specialty incognito request. We are fixer for documentary, adventure, marine and underwater expedition, jungle tribes, cultures and urban life, news coverage, travel filming, as well as documentary and TV Commercial. Please note that we do not do politics coverage. (PT Nusantara Kreasi Film – see footer of this page) is dedicated and experienced to manage, arrange, and provide you with the needs of your film shooting in Indonesia. Scouting / recce to the remote islands, tribe, filming permit and filming permission on location, local crew – props – equipment rental and travel/logistic management. Local tribe translator and interpreter also part of our experienced.

Our team breaks the language barrier with options of speaking several language as they basically speaks fluent English plus one or more language. We speaks French, Danish, English, and several Indonesia locals languages. Our rates and fees are reasonable and will surely fit your shooting budget. Outsourcing costs as well we can get you the best quote and estimates.

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Please fill in the form below with all your filming support request in Indonesia, With as detail as possible on location, time of shooting, local support needed. We will respond within 24 hours. Should you need recommendation from our previous projects, upon your request, we will be more than happy to send you the contact that we worked before.

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    A direct conversation is always best, contact us at these numbers or email us or Skype conference / facetime call.

    + 62 811 385 1500
    (Voice Call, SMS Text, WhatsApp, Facetime)

    +62 361 907 5099

    Skype: johannespkusumo


    Teuku Umar 220 #A15, Denpasar, Bali – Indonesia
    Indonesia Filming Company Govt Registered Fixer:



    Yogyakarta Office:
    Belimbing #1054, Baciro Yogyakarta |
    TDUP 818/TDUP.Pusbang Film/07/2019 | PT NUSANTARA KREASI FILM | SIUP 0338/IUP.PUSBANGFILM/03/2018 | TDP 0368/TDUP.PUSBANGFILM/03/2018

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      Filming Indonesia. Most productive Indonesia film fixer

      Started from passion in Indonesia luxury super yachting tourism, initially takes to explore more of Indonesia, while also learning and knowing the locals cultures and tribes, secluded destination and area. Background working in the yachting industry enabled him visiting destinations and arrange complex trip as well travel logistic management.

      We have been doing close to 200 filming fixing and self producing for documentary, cinema, reality shows, travel documentary filming, adventure filming and TV series.