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Filming Locations in Indonesia




Indonesia is tropical country made of 17500 islands, along 5,150 km from west to east. Indonesia has high humidity, temperature range from 21C (30F) to 36C (97F) on most part of the archipelago. Some mountain and highland can be as low as 4 Celcius. Indonesia has a snowy mountain in the eastermost Jayawiyaya mountain. This offers various color and terrain for the filming locations.


Fifty-eight percent of Indonesia 254+ million people are living in Java while others spreads amongst Indonesia 5,150 kilometers wide. People of Indonesia composed of 300 ethnic group, indigenous to some islands and areas, with over 748 languages and dialect. Bahasa Indonesia is the national official language use most to communicate across the islands. Some urban and tourism area has more people speaks english in daily conversation. Demographically, Indonesia is youth driven country, 40% of the population is under their 20s and 50% under their 30s, driving the creative production propels fast.


Inherited from the cultural and traditions, Indonesia offers a wide range of vibrant cuisines, enriched as home of many exotic spices and herbs create a rich in flavors and taste. From Rendang in Padang, Papeda in Papua, Gudeg in java, nutmeg in Maluku and many rich spice taste food taste across the 300+ ethnic groups.


Pristine well-preserved locations, for conservations of specific species make these national parks become the ideal sets for filmmakers making unique picturesque backdrop. Located in 51 area in Indonesia offers a underwater marine life, Rhinos, Orangutan, Komodo, Bird of Paradise cultures, remote tribes and Snow mountain peak, savanna and more.


Borobudur the world Buddhist temple and Prambanan the Hindu temple are in within areas with Yogyakarta sultanate palace. A diversity of locations of the ancient inherited by this nation. To Jakarta modern skyscraper and Indonesia wind turbine farming in Sulawesi. A traditional hut in West Papua to the Gadang house in Sumatra.


Culinary experiences range from street food stalls serving Nasi Goreng in Jakarta to fine-dining establishments in Bali, celebrated for its innovative Indonesian cuisine. Warungs, traditional eateries, offer local dishes, while seafood lovers can relish beachfront restaurants. With a blend of luxury and cultural authenticity, Indonesia’s hospitality industry ensures a memorable experience for every filmmaker

Nature and Mountains

” The Rings of Fire”

Nestled within the Pacific Ring of Fire, Indonesia is a nation of unparalleled natural beauty and geological wonder. The archipelago is home to over 130 active volcanoes, showcasing the fiery might of the Earth’s tectonic forces.

Stretching across the Indonesian archipelago, the Ring of Fire has bestowed upon the nation a stunning and diverse landscape. Iconic volcanoes like Mount Merapi and Mount Bromo punctuate the horizon, drawing both adventurers and scientists eager to witness the pulsating heartbeat of the Earth.

While the geological activity poses challenges, it also contributes to Indonesia’s rich biodiversity and fertile soil. Volcanic eruptions have shaped the land, creating lush landscapes and fertile plains that support diverse ecosystems.

Cities & Architectures

Nation that weaves its vibrant cultural tapestry through its diverse cities. Jakarta, the bustling capital, is a dynamic metropolis where modern skyscrapers stand alongside historical landmarks, reflecting the nation’s progress. In general, Indonesia’s cities offer a spectrum of vibes, from the energetic and cosmopolitan to the serene and culturally rich, providing visitors with a diverse range of experiences within this archipelagic nation.

Indonesia’s architecture is a fascinating blend of indigenous traditions, cultural diversity, and influences from various periods in its history. Indonesia’s architecture is a testament to its rich cultural heritage, reflecting influences from Hindu-Buddhist traditions, Islamic art, indigenous designs, and colonial periods. The diversity of architectural styles across the archipelago contributes to the nation’s unique visual identity.

Beaches & People & Islands

Characterized by a rich tapestry of ethnicities, languages, and cultures, Indonesians are known for their warm hospitality and resilience. The majority follow Islam, contributing to the nation’s cultural identity. The Javanese are the largest ethnic group, but Indonesia embraces over 300 distinct ethnicities. Traditional art, dance, and music play a significant role in daily life, reflecting the country’s cultural vibrancy. Indonesians’ daily life is influenced by a harmonious blend of ancient traditions.

Boasts an extensive and diverse coastline spanning over 54,000 kilometers, making it the second-longest in the world. This 17,500 islands archipelagic nation is surrounded by the Indian and Pacific Oceans, featuring a varied landscape of sandy beaches, rugged cliffs, and lush mangrove forests. The coastline is home to vibrant marine ecosystems, coral reefs, and numerous picturesque islands, contributing to Indonesia’s reputation as a paradise for beach filming locations.

Restaurants & Hotels

Culinary experiences range from street food stalls serving Nasi Goreng in Jakarta to fine-dining establishments in Bali, celebrated for its innovative Indonesian cuisine. Warungs, traditional eateries, offer local dishes, while seafood lovers can relish beachfront restaurants. With a blend of luxury and cultural authenticity, Indonesia’s hospitality industry ensures a memorable experience for every filmmakers.

Hotel architecture showcases a harmonious blend of traditional elements and contemporary design. Luxury resorts often feature traditional Balinese or Javanese aesthetics, with open-air pavilions, thatched roofs, and lush gardens. Urban hotels in Jakarta may embrace modern skyscraper designs with sleek interiors. Sustainability is increasingly emphasized, with eco-friendly resorts integrating local materials and energy-efficient practices. The country’s diverse landscapes inspire unique architectural styles, ensuring that Indonesian hotels offer a captivating blend of cultural authenticity and modern looks and architecturals.

Off the Beaten Paths

There are many interesting hidden locations that can be used for filming locations. A remote area, with traditional indigenous people with their local wisdom and kindness, cultures and customs.

Cultures & Heritages

a melting pot of diverse cultures and ethnicities, with over 300 distinct groups contributing to the nation’s rich tapestry. The Javanese, the largest ethnic group, predominantly inhabit Java and are known for their refined arts and traditions. Balinese culture is deeply rooted in Hinduism, expressed through dance, art, and ceremonies. The Minangkabau of West Sumatra is matrilineal, with unique architecture and traditional ceremonies.

Papua is home to various indigenous groups, each with its own languages and customs. The Toraja in Sulawesi are recognized for their elaborate funeral ceremonies and boat-shaped houses. The Betawi people, native to Jakarta, have a distinct fusion of Javanese, Sundanese, Chinese, and Arab influences.

This cultural diversity is reflected in traditional dances, music, clothing, and religious practices, making Indonesia a captivating mosaic of ethnicities, each contributing to the nation’s vibrant identity.

Underwater & Marine Lifes

Renowned for its rich marine biodiversity and vibrant coral reefs. The Coral Triangle, which includes Indonesian waters, is a global epicenter for marine life. Raja Ampat, located in West Papua, is celebrated for its staggering diversity, housing over 1,500 species of fish and 75% of the world’s coral species. Komodo National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is famed for its strong currents attracting diverse marine species, including sharks and mantas.

Bunaken Marine Park in North Sulawesi showcases stunning coral walls and is a haven for sea turtles and diverse fish species. Wakatobi, situated in Southeast Sulawesi, is renowned for its pristine coral gardens and vibrant reef life. From tiny pygmy seahorses to majestic whale sharks, Indonesia’s underwater world offers a mesmerizing and unparalleled experience for snorkelers and divers alike, making it a top destination for marine film making worldwide.

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