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Most Frequent Question for Filming Production in Indonesia

Filming/ Production Permit

Filming permit shall be applied by your company to The Indonesian embassy in your country. We have the sample form for the application. Once the document prepared and you could submit the application via email to the embassy. Please contact us for the email address of the embassy.

Once submitted the application will be processed within 3-4 weeks and the Indonesian embassy will return to you with the news whether the permit granted. Then we can work on your visa accordingly.

Prepare all document before submit them to the Indonesian embassy in your country

Discuss the application with us before submitting for some advise and suggestions.

Once all document completed and well prepared, submit the application and wait for (depend on the embassy) whether you need to have interview.

Venue & Location Permits

In parallel to your national permit, there are some location that we need to have permission from local authorities and custom practice that we have to respect and follow.

Beaches and place of worship will need additional permission from the management

As stated in your permnit, there are several object that we can not film.

Visa Process Time

The process to work on the visa is usually 1 weeks after we receiving the permit, depends on the completion of the document when you apply, and the holidays.  Starting to apply for filming permit and then after we have permit, we will apply for the journalist visa to the immigration. We are as your sponsor, will  submit the visa application to immigration, In total expect one month or less, though in some case it could be under 3 weeks.

We will need your passport foto size in JPEG format with file size no less than 100kb.

Return flight booking and plan, accommodation information during your stay.

Electricity and wall plug

Throughout Indonesia we are using 220 volts and 50Hz electricity. Depends on your location of stay, electricity are stable and available at anytime.

Wall power cord is European power cord. also known as Europe power cord plug socket products are manufactured to Europe CEE7/7,CEE7/17,CEE1/7.

Grounded cord on the third terminal from wall power cord are not always available.

Mobile power source and generator. On generator we also using 220volts and 50Hz, for remote area generator, the small generator may not always provide stable 220 volts. to protect your electronic you may need voltage stabilisator.


Since most of Indonesian are using 50Hz electricity, the lightings in all area are running 50Hz, if you are using NTSC system on your recording (30fps) there will be seen evident of flickering of any artificial lightings


Indonesia is an ATA/Carnet country. Please have the Carnet before entering Indonesia with your filming equipment

Airlift Medievac are usually fly to Australia an Singapore

Medical supports and facilities

Internationally standard Hospitals are available on the most cities in Indonesia, and all cities has hospitals, in the villages we have smaller health facilities.

Airlift Medievac are usually fly to Australia an Singapore

Automated Teller Machine and Credit Card

ATM machines are spread nationwide and easy to access. The machines take VISA, MASTERCARD for cash withdrawal. Please notice that there is limitation for onetime drawing cash money from ATM machine. If you plan yto pickup cash from ATM ,please make sure your international transaction in your card is open.

Health Insurance

International health insurance are available on Major hospital in Major cities.

Emergency Medical Evacuation

Emergency airlift Medical Evacuation are available on pre-arrange standby and the service needs to be paid in advance.

Exchange rate and foreign money

We are using Indonesian Rupiah (code IDR). Money Changer may available at most cities but not all cities. Banking for exchanging money are also available, but limited. It is advisable to bring descent local money and our fixer will have the backup for you in case you need more along the production.

There are some variation on exchange rate for any given days.

Sea, Air, Land Transportation

Indonesia are consist of 17,500 islands archipelago. There are vary of transportation mode that needed to travel. For airports there are some small landing strip in the very remote area, for main major cities we have International standard airport facilities.

If your company booking the flight for you for domestic flights or any interconnecting flight. Please consult us.

Metrics & Imperial System

Indonesia using measuremengt in Metric system, which are centimeters, meters, kilograms, instead of using foot, pounds and miles. Though for sea mesurement we are using internationla standard in sailings system which are knbots, and nautical miles.

In General

The production in Indonesia offers a wide vast options to travel and possibilities. There are tho certain difference with your originated country and Indonesia, in several items, cultures’ do and don’ts, location usage, local customs, please consult us for any questions.


For any other question that you have , please feel free to contact us with your questions.

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