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Our previous international client list shows their confident to work with us and we think you should too!


  1. Indonesian President Election – Jakarta
    Indonesian president Election, Singapore Press Holdings
  2. See Jane’s Run, Art Saves – USA
    Documentary , ‘See Jane’s Run’, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Surabaya
  3. Little Big Italy, Banijay Italy
  4. Channel 9, Australia 
  5. Shosho Netherland
    Live Stream Interview, Yogyakarta
  6. Once upon a time in the east
    BIND Film – Netherland


  1. Formula E Racing, Jakarta Indonesia
    Formula E Racing Official Media
  2. Google International, Yogyakarta
    Google for developer feature film
  3. 360 video for coffee exhibition in Qatar
    UK Production House
  4. Channel 9, Australia – Aceh Simeuleu island
    60 Minutes Reportage
  5. Asean Ministerial Summit Meeting Jakarta
    European Union Official Media – ENG
  6. Channel Australia & BBC
    Live stream broadcast Interview – ENG
  7. 90Days Fiancee – TLC USA
    90 Days Fiancee, Jakarta – Bogor – Reality Shows
  8. Asean Ministerial Summit Meeting Jakarta
    European Union Official Media – ENG
  9. Rolex Entrepreneur Award
    Proudfoot, USA. Jakarta – Documentary
  10. Rolex Blue Planet
    Proudfoot, USA. Bali – Nusa Lembongan – Documentary
  11. Silver Sea Cruises
    Rebel Road, NY. Ubud – Bali
  12. Once upon a  time
    Jakarta, BIND Film – Netherland


  1. Terra-X Adventures, Komodo – Tambora National Park
    ZDF Germany – ZDF TV
    Fixer, Local Producer
  2. De-Bio, DMG Production, Jakarta
    Company Profile Full Production Service
  3. Yakopi, Yayasan Konservasi Pesisir, Aceh, Simeuleu, Medan Nias
    CARGO LLC New York
    Fixer, Equipment, Crewing
  4. European Commission, Ministry of Treasure – Jakarta
    European Commission for EUC President,
    Full Production
  5. Matt Jacob Photography, Bali
    Personal Photography Project
  6. World Quiz RTL, Ijen National Park
    RTL Studio for RTL TV Germany
    Fixer, Local Producer, Crew, Equipments
  7. VELO, LOVE UNLIMITED, Komodo National Park
    BLADESMAN Production, London – UK, for McLaren F1.
    Fixer, Local Producer, Equipment and Crewing
  8. 60 Minutes, Bali bombing Monument
    Channel 9 Australia, for Channel 9
  9. Today Show, Bali bombing Monument
    Channel 9 Australia, for Channel 9
  10. Nine News, Bali bombing Monument
    Channel 9 Australia, for Channel 9
  11. Sydney Morning Herald, Bali bombing Monument
    Sydney Morning Herald
  12. European Commision, G20 Summit – Bali
    European Commision Audio Visual and Streaming team for EUC President, Ursula Van Der Leyen
    Full Production – Streaming
  13. Al Jazeera, Ubud Bali
    Interview News Full Production


  1. January 2021
  2. RAI TV – ITALY , Guess who’s coming for dinner, “Indovina chi viene a cena”
  3. FIFA, PERSIJA Fans Gathering, Bogor
    Shoot the Company UK, for FIFA Football
    Fixer, Equipment and Crewing
  4. Mentawai, Siberut Mentawai Personnal Project – UK
    Full service production
  5. My Heart Reassured,
    Fixer, Equipment and Crewing
  6. WASTRA BATIK JOGJA, Yogyakarta
    Kemendikbud, for Pekan Kebudayaan Nasional – TVRI, Indonesiana
    Full Production
  7. MEDIX, Jakarta Bandung
    Medix Gen Lab, Japan
    Full Production
  8. Hold Your Breath, Bali
    BBC UK for COP 2021
    Full Production
  9. Indonesian Masters, Bali
    BWF, Badminton World Federation – Infront Sports Video
    Production and Streaming
  10. Indonesian Finals, Bali
    BWF, Badminton World Federation – Infront Sports Video
    Production and Streaming Live for BWF Official
  11. World Tour Finals, Bali
    BWF, Badminton World Federation – Infront Sports
    Video Production and Streaming Live for BWF Official Air Badminton, Bali
  12. Total Energy
    Video Production
  13. Channel News Asia, Bali
    CNA Singapore, G20 News Full Production


    1. Malaysia, Malaysia Top MUA. Prambanan – Yogyakarta, Bali – Indonesia
    2. Myanmar, NAT movie, Cinema wide screen. Bali – Indonesia
    3. Channel News Asia, Asia Undercover. Maluku
    4. MAESTRO, The Javanese Traditional Brides Make up
    5. Ministry of Education and Cultures of Indonesia
    6. NHK Japan, Waste plastic Management in Bali
    7. Water Solution, Indie Film


  1. Fishing WA – Australia, 2010
  2. Japanese top end custom rod maker, rod test. From Maumere to Alor 2010 for dogtooth tuna for a 10 days
  3. Thailand Fishing TV – Alor 2012
  4. Dogtooth tuna expedition 2012, Alor, 10 Days Bali – Komodo – Maumere – Alor. Rod test top end Japanese custom rod and metal jig test.
  5. AMAZING RACE – CBS -world series episode (October 2015) – 18 Boats & 1 Yacht management.
  6. The Bachelor (2014) – Boat management
  7. TBS TV Tokyo (2014 -2015) Luxury Sailing Yacht (2 liveaboard boat, 1 super yacht) 3 x 100 minutes final filming series. Raja Ampat and Phuket Area
  8. A documentary film of a Japanese sea-kayaking from Java Island to Alor Island (Took him alone to paddle a month to finish the trip). We filming when he reached Alor for 5 days (2009)
  9. A spain lure maker test, October 2015. Bali and Lombok.
  10. FISHING IMPOSSIBLE, BBC earth, Bali – Komodo, 2015
  11. Jon B professional youtuber & Blue Blue marine exploration Japan, 1st.
  12. Lure maker from japan and filming for their commercial (2016 – October)


  1. Helpful or Harmfull,
    Doss Flamingoss,  documentary about Australian tourist in Bali and showing the different nature tourism in Bali aside from busy Kuta area, Bali – Tabanan – Kuta, January 2019
  2. Coffee Run,
    Lightning Entertainment,  Los Angeles February 2019, Bali – Indonesia
  3. Vasya Take a Hike 2, 
    Super8 Films, Trio Film, Cinema wide screen movie, Bali – Indonesia.
    Gulyai, Vasya! Svidanie na Bali
  4. Ready Set Roam,
    Goodstuph for Singapore Telecom, March 2019 Bali – Indonesia.
  5. Extreme Food,
    TBS TV, Japan, March 2019, Curup National Park, Bengkulu – Indonesia
  6. No way Back,
    For Russia Today, April 2019, Jakarta
  7. Please Contact Me,
    Endemolshine Germany, April-May 2019, Bali _ Indonesia
  8. MediaCorp,
    Singapore, Filming in May 2019, Club Med Bintan Island
  9. Run For Hope ,
    Switzerland, Motini Production , June 2019, Bali
  10. Food Delish,
    Australia, June 2019, Bali
  11. Free Rider,
    Kediri – Jogja, Solo. MedienKontor Germany , July – August 2019 (fixer, local producer, translator)
  12. Plan B,
    Medved Russia, TNT TV, Reality Show with Olga Bulova, August 2019, Reality show (fixer)
  13. Odyssey, France Croisieres: Le Retour de L’age D’or,
    Star clipper yacht. Bromo Highland – Ulun Danu, East java – Bali, September 2019
  14. DPG Media, Brussels – Belgium, “Blind Getrouwd”
    Married At First Sight, Bali – October 2019
  15. Navantia,
    Spain. Self Production, CMS System KRI Malahayati, Surabaya – October 2019 (fixer, local producer, director, DOP, translator, cameramen)
  16. Self Production.
    Aku Batik Cinta – Episode AdiBusana. Yogyakarta, October 2019 (fixer, local producer, translator, cameramen)
  17. Self Production,
    100 Lendang Pusaka, Yogyakarta, October 2019 (fixer, local producer, translator, cameramen)
  18. Fabiola BV Netherland – The Winner,
    Jogja October 2019 (fixer, local producer, translator, cameramen)
  19. Verizon Media – UK,  Study Abroad,
    Jakarta, November 2019 (fixer, local producer, translator, cameramen)
  20. ABC 7:30
    Australia, Bali, November 2019
  21. Urban List,
    Australia for Air Asia – December 2019, Indonesia


    1. Tribal life filming in Papua and Mentawai,
    2. Jon B professional you tuber sport fishing filming, Komodo National Park, March 2018
    3. BUSH PILOT –
    4. Filming permit assistance, Singapore TV for Singtel, READY, SET, ROAM – Central Java, May 2018
    5. Russian Today – Life at River, Bandung – September 2018
    6. Amazon Web Service, AWS, Amazon TV, NOW GO BUILD, Jakarta – Bogor September 2018
    7. ITN Independent Television Network, Channel Five News – October 2018 – Palu Tsunami and Earthquake
    8. CBC – Take Action – Endless Film Canada Biorock artifical sea coral. Likupang – Gangga Island & Pemuteran Bay Festival. November 2018
    9. SBS TV Australia, Dateline Series, Bush Meat Trader. Manado – Tomohon, Bitung, Tasikoki Wildlife center. November – December 2018
    10. Animal Planet – WAG TV, Uluwatu Monkey behavior production. Uluwatu – Bali – Indonesia, December 2018
    11. Channel Seven News Australia, Sunda Strait Tsunami December 22 2018.



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