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Exorcism in Indonesia

Exorcism in Indonesia

I can cast our the demon from her, but she will be die, because the demon had been attached to her body

This was no movie scene of The Conjuring or other ghost movies in Indonesia, this is real story. A your female looking straight to Lukas Bagus Taufik Nanda Prasitio. As the female prefer to duel with him, she bring her face closely to Romo Dwiko, so this gentlemen called. Her eyes glared, starred to Romo Dwiko, as her eye balls seems to joump out of the place.

A second later, this young female calmed. She no longer growling. She smiles and gently greet Romo Dwiko. As two old friend that hasn’t been met for a long time. She said,” How are you Father Dwiko…” she suddenly possessing the ability to speak in english. Romo Dwiko ignored her greet, Dwiko keeps his cross against her forehead and sending prayers, Dwiko is trying to cast the demon out of her.

Immediately the whole room fill with scream. Sounded like an animal facing the death. Strangely, the female voice changed to male heavy tone. ” Stop it Romo, i hate you, you are stupid!” Still in english. Luckily this female was hold by several assitant, if not, we dont know what will happened to Romo Dwiko. Dwiko never practsing exorcism alone, he always accompanied by 10 assitants, their duty is as prayers as well as singer. Six people holding the possessed, with a Father as exorcist, which is him.

“That lady was possessed by lucifer, the fallen angel. Lucifer having trouble speaking Bahasa Indonesia, so he speaks in english. Sometimes also in Spanish, Italian, or Hebrew. To disguise his real intentons”, Dwiko tell the story sometimes ago in Pastoral Mahasiswa Surakarta or Parmas, Central Java, just behind the office of RRI.

One of the charateristic of people possessed isĀ  able to speaks many languages, including ancient language.

People perhaps see exorcism in the hollywood movies. The exorcist, COnjuring, The Vatican tapes are to name a few. What really witnessed by Dwiko is far more horrifying that looks on the cinema. The pray he sent is not to make the demon reppetance, but to sent them away back to hell. Usually it does not come easy, reaction are various from swearing, yelling, even they think they have wings and fly.

Since 2014, countless demon has been cast by Dwiko. ” there are thousand of angel. Not like you saw an TV, they have hierarchy. in example Lucifer, Belial is under him, Astraroth, and etc They work and move in legion, so when possessing human, not just one but many. There is field coordinator and subordinate”. Lately, Dwiko feels the case he has been handle is more complex and harder. ” it was the low level rank that i encountered, now the boss appeared first. I encountered with lucifer has been 8 times.”

Dwiko raised in moslem family, before he is Catholic priest. Because he was in the catholic school, he wished to be baptised in catholic when he was in the secondary school. Once graduated from Universitas Indonesia, major in psychology. He then experienced in good position in big national company. But then he felt that he did not belong there.

He wanted to devoting his life for his religion. When he propose his wish to his family, they initially hard to let him go, as he has a good position in his job already. Unexpectedly, Dwiko now is a Father with special exorcism mission. The Episcopachy in Semarang had been grant him with full power to practice exorcism.