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Is it True Love?

Is it True Love?


There are so many nationality-mix connection in popular tourists destination island. With so many opportunities to meet with other nations, races, that come as tourist, locals are often involve in more than host and guest.

The women and girls are getting attracted to what they see. Better posture, taller groom potential, better opportunity financially and prospect to have better looking kids, so they said.

Girls mostly fashioned by the lifestyle they see in before their eyes. Expensive clothing, fancy foods, villas as home, cars and perhaps owning a piece of property. What other also attracted them is the possibility to visit their spouse homeland. A trip to europe and other continent always a prestige story to tell their friends and instagramable.

Meet Mawar (47), a lady with 3 kids in her village. She was coming from west Java, a 2 hour flight from Bali, then a 2 hours drive from the airport. She was married with Indonesian and having 3 kids, youngest is still 11 y.o. the elder is 16 y.o. She was divorced and force to make living for her 3 kids in west java. Her 2nd marriage was never a successful. After the 2nd marriage failed, she was frustrated and moving to Bali in hope of better living and income. That did never happened too. Instead of making a good job, she was working anything that she could to be able to send money back home for her lovely 3 kids. Years by years, man by man, she still struggle. Until one day she meet this Australian senior man.

The couple starts making sparks and they were married, keeping promise to own each other for the rest of their life. Her newly husband is much older than her, he is 70+ years old. But he can support her and her family back home financially. So Mawar choose to stay with this senior Australian.

Mawar’s life suddenly changed, car(s), new motorbike she always wanted, a villa with a pool, cosmetics to cheer up her face when husband around, a new mac book pouring into her life. A insurance and safe haven for her and her kids, though her husband does not want her kid to live with this newly wed couple.

He told me that, this is what i have to do, to secure my future as well as my kids. To have a comfort living with all facilities i have ever wanted, that was i only dream of. She even never need to tidy her house, her husband prepared her a maid to do that. She is now traveling abroad regularly, at least 2 times a year, all her friends admire her for her travel photo in her instagram.

She was a bit sad when asked for her life. When asked were here has orgasm. She replied, how can i replied, i have never had one, he is an old man for sake. What i need is the security of my life, thats it, and i achieved that and only need to maintain that, though i can play pretend i have orgasm when i was with him. As long as he is happy, i will too.

The other younger girls in the islands has the same dreams. Dreaming of living fancy house, driving cars, and no worries for her make-up shopping, no daily works and everything came with a wish. Photos of traveling overseas to show-off to friends. Even though they only be their mistress while the man visiting the island, but it still worth to dream of.