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Tambora, The Mountain that Shook The World

Tambora, a mountain in Sumbawa island, an 1 hour flight from Bali. The mountain that the eruption creates a whole year full of winter in Europe, Mot Tambora also caused Napoleon Bonaparte lost his war . Mount Tambora that shook the world Mount Tambora is not just another mountain. It holds within its depths a story that shook the world and changed it forever. The […]

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The Vagabond Kids

A TRUE STORY The vagabond has true meaning win this young boys minds. They are at age before 20s and have their dream of accomplishing the ultimate adventure goal. The adventure that only the braves and most determine is able to achieve. The ride on motorbike scooter for over 3,088 kilometers that may take time one year to complete. Menying is one of this youngsters […]

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” … there is nothing left i feel inside me now, not even my soul …”

An earthquake of 7.7 M shakes Palu, a city in Sulawesi Indonesia, creating a 3,8 meters tsunami that hit the city and destroyed everything in its path. The shakes also created a liquification, sinking 2 villages with almost 2500+ houses with everyone that unable to run inside the house. Sunk into a 10 meters deep mud. Lani is one of the survivor tells us her […]

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citarum river polutions

Citarum River, The Most Polluted River in the World ??

The Citarum River, made of 75 springs downstream to 7 rivers and combined in one Citarum river. Situ Cisanti or lake Cisanti is one of the 7 spring lake that flows into Citarum. This river also use as powering Indonesia Power’s power plan in Saguling dam. The citizen along the 7 sub river of Citarum are also benefit from Citarum, as irrigation for farmer’s rice […]

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Bush Pilot Papua – Indonesia, nerve of steel pilots

Papua, last pristine tropical jungle in the world has a lot of challenge for distributing food and aids thru the dense thick jungle. The most possible is thru the air, with limited landing strip facilities in the dense jungle, uncertain weather and fog condition. Those airplane is piloted by the brave, the people with nerve of steel, when you heard the plane starts talking to […]

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Baliem Valley Wamena, The Danis and Baliem Valley Festival

2018 schedule; August 8-10 Tribe mock war festival 2018 Baliem valley cullutre festival. By attending the massive Baliem Valley Festival, visitors will have a rare chance to learn and experience firsthand the different traditions of each tribe participating in the Festival without having to make the difficult trek to their compounds deep in the hinterland of West Papua. During the festival, have your camera ready. […]

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