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Bantimurung – Butterflies Kingdom

Bantimurung – Butterflies Kingdom

A combination of Karst cliffs, a dense forest and waterfall could be a perfect place. Thousands of butterflies are flying around the parks, a good scene next by the waterfall. This Bantimurung parks also known as Bulusaurung Parks.

To get there is a 45 minutes drive from Makassar and you will be welcome with a high cliffs surrounding the parks and rice fields just outside the park.

Parks a re vast, deeper you are in you can found a perfect spots for filming, a small creek flows to feed the waterfall, and surrounded by a damp tropical forest, quioet and you can hear the Macaca Nigra, a local species of monkey swinging around the tree branches or they are arguing for their territory.

Found by Alfred Wallace in 1857 (July – October) and published in his articles worldwide. The park are 43, 750 hectares in size. Holds various animals and butterflies. Fauna found are hornbills, Macaca Maura, cuscus, bats and boar.

Butterflies insectarium museum, breeding center managed by some of the authority and scientist. They also breed the natural plants to feed the butterflies.

Bantimurung also now known as international source of butterflies trade.