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The Bajou People


The Bajou People

Bajou people or well-known as sea-gypsies  can be found in Indonesia, malaysia or Phillipines. Indonesia is the largest sea archipelago and it holds many bajou settlement. They are located in North of Sulawesi, Flores and the lesser Sunda islands, Borneo, and some area of Sumatra.

One of the most known are located in Togean island, Selayar and on Taka bonerate area.
Before settled by the Indonesian government, the Bajou people are entirely living on their boat, travelling island to islands and make their living from fishing and spear fishing. They inherit the long generation of being able to hold breath up too 12 minutes and free dive for spear fishing. They are making their own goggles using wood frame and any glass they can found.

Nowadays, though some of these gypsies are settled, there are more that is wandering island to islands.

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