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Raja Ampat Underwater Marine life

Raja Ampat Underwater Marine life

Raja Ampat, the Four Kings Archipelago, lies in West Papua province Indonesia.

Accessing thru Waisai or Sorong as starting point. Consist of 800+islands archipelago with over 1070 fish species, 537 coral species and 699 mollusk species, the variety of marine life is staggering. Some areas boast enormous schools of fish and regular sightings of sharks such as wobbegongs.​

Raja Ampat is a diver’s paradise, with pristine coral reefs and stunning topside scenery. The unrivaled marine biodiversity makes for spectacular diving. The profusion and diversity of fish life, wildly colorful soft corals, and expansive hard coral gardens are unparalleled and cater for divers of all level and interests. You can expect to see anything from tiny pygmy seahorses to giant oceanic Mantas, and manner of life in between.


Painemo, Raja Ampat video shot:


Underwater shots (Arborek):