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Asia’s Largest Shrimp Farming

Asia’s Largest Shrimp Farming

Dipa Sena, A location in Sumatra, stretched along 2000 kilometres along the coastline lies the largest shrimp plantation in Asia.

This area along was supplying 38% of world shrimp demands. They produce both “udang Windu” ( penaeus monodon ) and “udang Vanamei” ( litopenaeus vannamei ).

The area run by a company called PT Dipasena, the area then named after the company name. Dipasena share holders are Indonesian company and Thailand company PT. CP.

Now some of the land are run by the locals who were worked to PT Dipasena. They are operating independently after the company went bankrupt on 1998 crisis, when the owner’s bank collapse and unable to finance the shrimp plantation. This bankruptcy also related to the circulating international news regarding the operations of the company and how they treat the plasma workers, leading to cancellation of orders from one of their biggest buyer, The Walmart. The company then swithed ownership from one to other company several times.

Then, some 2000+ family then make their everyday bread from the shrimp pond they have left, every family has 2 hectares (20,000 sqm) They have some trouble of getting the capital to jump start the business, as before they company provide all the needs for the shrimp, from the seeds, medications, food, and electricity to run the mill.

Some of them are turning their head to loan shark, offering 15% interest to their loan. The ex-PT Dipasena plasma farmer are now gather in a group in order to strengthen their bargaining for the aid from the government.

Until today, the largest prawn farming are not yet returning to their succees before, and Dipasena’s ex-farmer still struggle.