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Agent of Death, A True Story of HIV/AIDS

Agent of Death, A True Story of HIV/AIDS


Indonesia, the world largest religion country, holds more than 80% majority, while the rest are various different. Bandung is one of Indonesia’s largest city. Located in West Java, an 3 hours drive or by train from Jakarta, the Indonesia capital city.

Jelita and Cantik are couple who escape from their city, jakarta and Bogor, to Bandung to celebrate their forbidden lesbian love once a month.  

They are  happy lesbian lover who are stranded in the world of heteroseksuals minded society. Estranged by their love, they choose to flee from their real world to the city of dream. Where no one knows them, to Bandung. 

Bandung, a city of local government applied law, enforcing local law to cafes and restos to close at latest 22.00pm and serving no alcoholic and non halal oriented dishes at most of their restaurants. 

The implication of this government rule shown in almost every part of the city. Almost every women in this city wears head cover,  to express their devotion.

In the central of Bandung, Lily, a mid age single woman, now living her last years with HIV. She was  lesbian and free sex  practitioner for years. When she was young she did everything, from female to female sex, heterosexuals,  to threesome intercouse that award her the disease now. An un cured disease yet, HIV/AIDS.

She condemd her quilty feeling by starting an HIV foundation in Jakarta. She funding her foundation in jakarta escape from of her hometown, Bandung,.

In Bandung that she feels that she will not be accepted  anymore, no understanding parents, friends and may perhaps bring shames to his family.. 

Her HIV foundation now helping HIV and AIDS victim for the last 15 years., Without being judging of where patients  sex orientation is. 

Clinic Anggrek, a bandung based HIV specialised clinic are the only one who dedicated only to hiv and aids. They help with retroviral and conwultation for hivs in Bandung area for free. 

Dr Rose, from the clinic explained what caused the spread of aids so rapidly in syari law city like bandung. And who has visited her clinic.

One of the parient is Abah Uban, a bandung resident has HIV from 2007. His beloved younger daughter, 11 y.o, has passed away of infected this damned disease in 2018, as his wife passed away earlier in 2006 because of the same disease. Which now his son, survived the diseased and now reaching his 14 y.o.

Abah Uban hasnt stop his venture of love yet. since his first wife passed away he again married 5 times to different women around Bandung, 4 of them ended up with divorces. 

The last wife, number 5th  he met at Clinic Anggrek where he gets his retrovirals treatment. She is a widow, left by his passed away husband died to AIDS. And left with a boy, 7 y.o,  that also infected by HIV too. 

She is well aware of his husband condition and herself too, she is the one who know Abah condition before they get married. The other 4 of past Abah husband didnt know abah bedore married.

Abah tells story of his disease, love adventure and his girls friend since he was high school. He was the captain of his school basket team, gave him popularity and admired byvplentyvof his high school girls. There then his adventure of love and lust begin.

Antropologist of University Diponegoro bandung, looking at this Bandung Aids phenomenon in opposite of Bandung semi syari applied law.

Everyone wants to look devoted to their religion but then getting less of safe sex education as it is taboo in the society to talk openly about sex. So everyone without enough sex education is experimenting with sex with less safe sex precaution and awareness. 

The culture of mut’ah marriage, allowed by syari law, a marriage without knowing his/her groom first. or taarof, is practice of young, religious men asking clerics to help them find a woman.

May also pushing the spread of HIV to the faster pace. For some male, they are taking advantage  of every women  for wed with this mut’ah marriage  for the proof of her devotion to God.  Abah say, he will continue his lust journey until HIV took his time and steps. 

Meanwhile in Jakarta, Lily now more pleased with her foundation, that helps people without questioning, at least to pay back her regrets and guilt sof her past life.

She said that her mission is not to judge free sex, but to cure, helps and educate the safe sex to people, a not very common word from the largest religionist country in the world. 

While then,  Jelita and Cantik keeping their love blossom and harvest their lesbian love every single second while they can.