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Dances with Dragon, Filming in Komodo National Park – Indonesia

Dances with Dragon, Filming in Komodo National Park – Indonesia

Komodo Dragon, The largest monitor lizard living today. Can reach up to 5 meters long.

Komodo, an ancient dragon that still live their original habitat in West Nusa Tenggara. In the lesser sunda island. Their island chains are secluded for hundreds of years, even thousands years, isolated by strong current of the inlets in between. Nowadays, these islands chain called as Komodo National park, and this Komodo Dragon are the ruler amongst other animals.

Along with these magnificent dragon, Komodo National Parks holds Indonesia bio-diversities. Under the water you can film the undersea healthy colorful coral, Manta rays in groups, cleaning stations of whale. And if you are lucky enough we will film the orca in the northern inlets.

The islands in Komodo are savanna like, with deer as the main food for the Komodo dragon, live free-roam among the island. On the southern part you can film the swimming Komodo dragon. They swim to catch their food in the water, like fishes and other meat.

The culture in the parks also mixed with the sea-gypsy tribe that live in messa island. They are a good freedive swimmer. We once film them hold their breath for 5 minutes to get sea-cucumber on the seabed. Thats the kids we film, their adults could be more interesting.

The film setc ould be plenty, a white sandy beach with no one there, a free roam animals, deers, goat, water buffaloes, and while you can swim with the mantas – 2 times a day at Makassar reef.

The people that live in Komodo island believed they are descendent of the Princess Komodo. They lives on the lifted houses, to avoid and prevent komodo dragon climbing into the house. Their along the coast housing are suitable for their natural daily living filming.

Available 3-4 stars in the main harbor onshore, optional liveaboard boat/yacht
Flight, 51 minutes from Bali (DPS) or Jakarta (CGK) – direct flight no transit
220 volts, 2 prong, 50Hz
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Sunny Hot, Humidity 90%+, Temperature 29C – 34C. Rainy season late October to end of March. Strongest current: July – August.
Flores islands, Sumbawa, Kelimutu National Park, Wae Rebo – Villages above the cloud.