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Bush Pilot Papua – Indonesia, nerve of steel pilots

Bush Pilot Papua – Indonesia, nerve of steel pilots

Papua, last pristine tropical jungle in the world has a lot of challenge for distributing food and aids thru the dense thick jungle.

The most possible is thru the air, with limited landing strip facilities in the dense jungle, uncertain weather and fog condition. Those airplane is piloted by the brave, the people with nerve of steel, when you heard the plane starts talking to you, ‘Terrain …. terrain … terrain…. pull up .. pull up … pull up” did not had their hand shakes even a second and safely land in a straight hundred meters field that sometimes is just a ridge in the back of a mountain.

IN a bright sunny day, they were cheers up with the magnificent views of Papuan jungle, or a radio hello call from their fellow servant of the Gods that happened to see them on the sky and grab the radio just to wish the pilot and his flight  the best. It is also not a rare occasion there is an emergency call to pick up a little boy had malaria in the village and they have to reroute their homing route.

They are the MAF, Mission Aviation Fellowship, pilotes. Landing on the air strip, river and sea to distribute aid and the word of Jesus.