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Baduy Dalam, The isolated tribe inside busy modern lives

Baduy Dalam, The isolated tribe inside busy modern lives

There are 56 villages complex in the Badui on the 5012 hectares. An area that is 120 kilometers away from Jakarta to the Banten province.

Kanekes, is the name of the area, that later is well known as Baduy. Baduy, named after Dutch etnographer visited them in 1845, 1891 and in 1909. This community mentioned as Badoe’i, badoei andor badoewi. The names probably refer to the baduy nomadic live in arabic language as Badawi.

In total there are 56 village complex in the area, 3 the most known as Baduy dalam (inner Baduy), Cikeusik, Cibeo and Cikerta. Every village lead by a chief call ‘puun’ and a ‘jaro’ as his right hand.

As this trbe has their different role, Puun Cibeo only doing farming, Puun Cikeusik handle spirituality, and Puun Cikertawana responsible for medic and healthy.

Another 53 villages are the outer Baduy, or Badui Luar. They often called as the guardian of inner Baduy.

The inner Baduy wear white colored cloth and white headband to indicate they are as inner Baduy member and the outer baduy usually wear black dress and sarong. Their women wears bracelets and necklaces amde of beads as their accessories.

The distinguish different is the way they travel, Inner Baduy member not allowed to use modern transportation when travel and they are not allowed to use modern equipment, no electricity and modernĀ  gadgets.

Inner Baduy does not eat food what their ancestor did not eat, and they are firm to live what their ancestor has. The baduy praise their ancestor and believe to one power, which they call as Nu Kawasa, this religion is now known as Sunda Wiwitan.

Starting February to the next 3 months, the Inner Baduy practising Kawalu. Kawalu is fasting. In the next 3 months of February they are fasting and praying and visitor are now allowed to enter Baduy Dalam nor sleep over.