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Taboo Way to Get Instant Wealth, Kemukus Mt

Taboo Way to Get Instant Wealth, Kemukus Mt

If you want to get rich? work harder or for more instant way going to Mt Kemukus and having intercourse rituals 7 times with 7 different partner!

The phenomenon of getting rich easily and instantly in Indonesia is no longer a new thing.  it has been in the culture since years ago. The belief of spirit that helps you rich, helping you in business is some said were proven to be true. Once they completed the rituals and all the process, they can go home and suddenly their business grows instantly. But that come with a cost, to sacrifice as a trade to the wealthiness.

Mount Kemukus, located in Sragen, central java has been a long time well known for them instant rich and wealth seeker. In this mount comes many from all over Indonesia to seek bless from the spirit to give them wealth.  This very place of tomb of Prince Samudra lies on the peak of the mountain. Prince Samudra is a prince from the ancient Demak royal family. in his trip to unite all Majapahit kingdom descendant. This prince has a very special relationship with his mother, Dewi Ontrowulan (Dewi Roro), a romantic realtionship. Then Prince Samudra expelled from the royal family and stay in Mt Kemukus.

Knowing that his son reside at Mt Kemukus, his mother, Dewi Ontrowulan visit him and their lust is breaking. These couple doing the forbidden. The people in nearby Mt Kemukus found out of their forbidden raltionship and stoning them to death. Before death, Prince Samudra promises that whoever follow his step (with his mother), he will help whatever the person wishes. both this mother and son tragically death of stoning and buried in the same place.

Now the pilgrimage who visit the tomb asking for wealthiness must follow Prince Samudra  steps, having forbidden lust with not his wife or partner. and the next year they will have to revisit the tomb and doing the same again on Javanese calendar, Friday Pon.