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Candi Gedong Songo, The Nine Temple – Central Java

Candi Gedong Songo, The Nine Temple – Central Java

The Gedong Songo Temple or the nine Temples located in Bandungan area – Ungaran, a 2 hours drive from Jogjakarta or 1,5 hours drive from Semarang – the capital city of central Java.

The temples is a group of Hindu temples located in Central Java, Indonesia. The site was originally built during the early period of the Medang Kingdom which controlled Central Java during the 8th and 9th centuries. Similar to the Dieng temples on the Dieng Plateau, Gedong Songo was erected out of volcanic stone. The temples of Gedong Songo reflect a similar architectural structure to those on the Dieng Plateau, though they have less variation in form than them. Gedong Songo displays more emphasis on plinth and cornice mouldings. At Temple 3, an entrance is outlined by a vestibule that is decorated by guardian figures. Temple III is a Shiva temple, paired with a facing Nandi shrine.

There were some speculation why all 9 temples had never been finished, either because they were attacked by other kingdom at that time, or the change of the monarchy stop the construction. The initial plan is to make the 1st temple with 1 temple, the 2nd temple are 2 temples, and so on until the 9th temple are consist of 9 temples. The plan shown by the left of the stone prepared in the site. There is a natural hot water steam in between, also offer the hot water pool in the nearby.

The track around all the left 5 temples is around 4-5 kilometers and riding a rental horse is available. Charging station is likely available on the office of temple (board of temple conservation gedong songo) but may also available in some temple site which has electric to light the temple. There is available accommodation within the temple complex, in the first temple. Permit for this location is managed by their central office.


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[su_service title=”Distance from Airport” icon=”icon: check-circle-o” icon_color=”f0a725″]Two hours drive from Semarang airport (SRG)[/su_service]

[su_service title=”Charging Station” icon=”icon: check-circle-o” icon_color=”f0a725″]Available from the temple electric network or temple office [/su_service]

[su_service title=”Accommodation” icon=”icon: check-circle-o” icon_color=”f0a725″]There is a hotel in the temple complex[/su_service]

[su_service title=”Place of Interest” icon=”icon: check-circle-o” icon_color=”f0a725″]Five finished temple and natural hot water steam[/su_service]

[su_service title=”Temperature and Humidity” icon=”icon: check-circle-o” icon_color=”f0a725″]High Humidity, temperature is 17 Celcius in the afternoon
and some 12 celcius in the night, 1200 meters above sea level (SRG)[/su_service]

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[su_service title=”Location permit” icon=”icon: check-circle-o” icon_color=”f0a725″]Achieved from The temple central management office, low cost [/su_service]

[su_service title=”Meals” icon=”icon: check-circle-o” icon_color=”f0a725″]Moderate and low cost[/su_service]

[su_service title=”Sunrise and sunset” icon=”icon: check-circle-o” icon_color=”f0a725″]Sunset at 17:30LT behind the hill.[/su_service]

[su_service title=”Best time to filming” icon=”icon: check-circle-o” icon_color=”f0a725″]Summer, April to October[/su_service]

[su_service title=”Note” icon=”icon: check-circle-o” icon_color=”f0a725″]All temples are facing north[/su_service]