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Kratom, the new opium from borneo

Kratom, the new opium from borneo

Kratom, another ‘tea-like’ of Indonesia tropical rain forest. Some believe as traditional medicine, curing hipertensi, and cholesterol, consuming as a tea, leaves mixed with hot water and drink as usual tea.

but the Government thinks different. Indonesia Narcotics Prevention Body is planning to ban the use of this Kratom in public.

SUtomo in Kampung Tembak, who consumes this leave for more than 10 years, believed that this ‘tea’ are healing his hipertensi and cholesterols, and he claims that is not causing addiction.

Pascalis, another citizen also testify the leave helping him with his joins an dhelps him slepping better.

Those added by Agung, who mentioned that Kratom has been use by their ancestor for years, a traditional medicine.

This plants are becoming very popular that in West Borneo, 300,000 Jratom farmers forma group of Pengusaha Kratom Indonesia. Monthly some 300 to 500 tonnes of Kratom exported from this regency, some are in powder form, some are in the dried leaves form.

DEA has included and banned Kratom in medical use in 2017. But due to consuming this leaves can reduce addiction to opium and use to treat people with opium addiction, some senator in US are able to make DEA delaying their decision. Indonesia BNN is stil processing this to include in the banned list.