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Bajaka, Miracle Cancer Cure

Bajaka, Miracle Cancer Cure

Indonesia largest island, Borneo or Kalimantan, are the largest tropical rain forest in Indonesia. Though some are already converted to Industrial plantation such as palm trees, the varies of locals plantation, tribes, and the culture that lives for hundreds, perhaps thousand years in the island has not all yet vanished.

The wisdom of the Dayak tribe, in their long journey without modern medicine are using their vast knowledge of the jungle medicine plants. That they may not yet know at that time will cure cancer, a modern disease that hasnt yet found its cure by modern western drug research.

A wood called “BAJAKA’ are found by a knowledge of a High school student awarded ” Gold Award The Cancer Medicine from Nature” in the World Invention Olympic in Seoul, South Korea in 2019.

Yazid, one of the student in that research remembered that the wood cured his grandma’s breast Cancer 40 years ago. When he plan to introduce the miracle wood, his family were initially against the idea, that they worried if the news spread, the jungle and the environment will be destroyed to the hunt of that medicine. His family also confirmed as the first users of this wood to treat cancer traditionally and fully cured.

Daldin, Yazid’s father, eventually giving permission to his son to introduce the bajaka wood . He was living in Kuala Gurun, Gunung Mas, Central Kalimantan, now in Palangkaraya, understand that his mother indicated breast cancer that is in stadium 4 and discharging pus.

They does not have the money to pay the surgery, so they turned to the jungle which cured many of their ancester for hundreds of years.

After one month consuming treatment of this wood, Yazid’s grandma are getting better, the pus is drying and healed.

Afetr that they went to doctor to see if the cancer still remain, the result are surprising, breast cancer cured and fully healed with only one month treatment

When then Yazid is bringing this cancer cure treatment for scientific research, this SMAN 2 Palangkaraya student found that this rare jungle plantation are rich of antioxidant, local university laboratory also performing test on some mice injected with cancer cell. After few weeks of treatment, the cancer fully vanished and healed to normal cell.