dani tribe

Baliem Valley, where time stops.

West papua, the largest island with its terrain and deep tropical rain forest, i mean very thick jungle, contoured with rivers hundreds of kilometres long, variety of flora and fauna, also known as one of the less explored places on earth. Baliem valley mainly reserved for Dani, Lani and Yali tribe along with other smaller tribes. A famous Baliem river border the valley. live with […]

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Papua Baliem Valley and Dani Tribe, Wamena – West Papua

Wamena is a capital town of Jayawijaya Regency. The largest town in the highlands of Papua. We reached this city (Wamena/WMX) on a short 35 minutes flight from Jayapura (DJJ). Arriving the city we transfer to the nearby hotels, the best hotel available in Wamena, the building is quite new, rebuild after the president of Indonesia visiting the city. The tribe of Dani we are filming […]

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