Palm Oil Plantation Indonesia, Deforestation and Reforestation

Indonesia’s tropical rain forest hold a vast biodiversity life. Rcih in endemic species and globally affecting world’s climate. Indonesia is also the largest palm oil exporter. Indonesia leads global exporter with 33.6 Billion Us$ export record in 2017. Global palm oil sales export grows 16% per Year-on-Year in period of 2016-2017.
In the other side, Colombia is the highest growing exporter since 2013, with up to 111.4% growth.

Demand for palm oil is growing super fast. Most of it ends up in our chocolate, our tasty cream cheese, margarine, cosmetic and increasingly use in the making of bio diesel. Supplying world global brand, from carbonated drink, milk, make-up industry and more. The growth of both consumer usages and value of export, cost expand of land to grow the palm tree, converting peat land and forest.

Indonesia sustainable Palm Oil.
Due to rapid demand of world palm oil and the needs to expand the production, the government of Indonesia is starting to act. The the palm oil plantation company are to replant the palm oil plantation (to keep the tree production high) after 25 years instead of opening new land. The Europe is now taking action to replace the use of palm oil to other sustainable substance, with the goal to reduce environmental effect and green houses effect.


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