The Asmat Tribe

Asmat Tribe are living in the West Papua- Indonesia, their settlement are in the southern west of the island. Asmat living in the estuaries, where other settlement are also living upriver and in the forest. They share common language but different dialec.

Why worth to film?
Asmat’s cultures evolved from the Papuan stone age. They live by fishing (estuaries and ocean) hunting (upstreams) and they are developing a unique survival living habits. The estuaries tribes are the people who is visited by the tourist at most, though they may only have less than 5 visit a year due to remote access and only easily access by small airplane and sea. The upper stream tribe settlement are less or we say very rarely visited by tourist, and this is where we should go. Where tribe are preserving their daily routine life, hunting, fishing and farming/harvesting starch for their daily food. They are still living in a long house and practicing what they know inherited from their ancestor hundreds if not thousands years ago. This is where we can take you, even deeper into the jungle to get you the unique unspoiled cultures and way of life of Indonesia’s tribe.


Other Filming Ideas