Remote Production Service

Reportage of an event/news/incident/Force Majeure
Whenever there is an event or any incident, natural disasters happening in Indonesia but there is not much time to send your reporter or cameramen on time. We can be in the site quicker, sending our cameramen and sound man (and producer) to chase up the news right away. Our nationwide network of cameramen, drone pilots, and experienced producer are trustworthy and reliable to meet your broadcast quality demands, while then the footage can delivered online right away using Live-U or any cellular system.


While you have documentary stories in Indonesia that is so interesting but out of your budget to fly in your crew and time to work on the paperwork. We can do that, we experienced of making documentary with international standard. Send us to the story, with the question list and you will get update daily basis. This will be able to meet your time and budget but still fill in the demand of international broadcast standard. Send us the story, we will investigate the story, search and found the interviewees and suggest you with synopsis and question list as well as sets plan.

Sample of Self Production Documentary:

Remote Interviews
For live television program, when needed interview half across the globe, we can send our team/crew to set the live broadcast to your station thru any spec you need it. Preparing locations, cameramen, connection, sound streaming and equipment in very short notice.


Live Broadcast
Technology breaks up the obstacle of distance, with live broadcast for any event will shorten the communications and delivering information much faster. We can assist you to live broadcast any event, or any occasions that you wanted to broadcast live in realtime.

Journalistic reportage
In the world of information, the differences are timing. Whoever arrive and has quality reporting first is the winner. Our team are available for assignment in short notice, nationwide in Indonesia, to chase the news and journalistic coverage for any TV network, local or international TV station.


TV Commercial making. We will prepare everything you need prior your Director and Producer arrival. Bopdy double, sets, photographer, cameramen, camera, and sets building as per your specification and story board.

Sample of standard deliveries, to revised as per your requirements:

* 1x 3-5min video in .mov or .H264, HD 1920×1080 format.
* 1x Clean (no text) version of the same video – Apple Pro Res 422(HQ) 1920x1080px format.
* 1x 2 min social media edit in full frame 1080×1080 square format.
* 1x Transcript – Full transcript of video including text on screen and headline.
* 3x Thumbnail still images 1920x1080px for promotion.
* 1x 10 seconds clean video of the best shots.


CNA, Slavery at Sea, Indonesia part:

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