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Some of our assignment stories covering News, Natural Disasters, Peoples, Cultures, and Documentaries movies around Indonesia

The Vagabond Kids

A TRUE STORY The vagabond has true meaning win this young boys minds. They are at age before 20s and have their dream of accomplishing the ultimate adventure goal. The adventure that only the braves and most determine is able to achieve. The ride on motorbike scooter for over 3,088 kilometers that may take time one year to complete. Oneway and return ! Menying is one of this youngsters club, or communities they prefer to call. He has traveled and achieve the 'pilgrimage' from Java to the easternmost of Indonesia ...
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” … there is nothing left i feel inside me now, not even my soul …”

An earthquake of 7.7 M shakes Palu, a city in Sulawesi Indonesia, creating a 3,8 meters tsunami that hit the city and destroyed everything in its path. The shakes also created a liquification, sinking 2 villages with almost 2500+ houses with everyone that unable to run inside the house. Sunk into a 10 meters deep mud. Lani is one of the survivor tells us her story how she lost everything she has and her families. She said,"I cant even feel anything now, i feel like i am floating, there is ...
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citarum river polutions

Citarum River, The Most Polluted River in the World ??

The Citarum River, made of 75 springs downstream to 7 rivers and combined in one Citarum river. Situ Cisanti or lake Cisanti is one of the 7 spring lake that flows into Citarum. This river also use as powering Indonesia Power's power plan in Saguling dam. The citizen along the 7 sub river of Citarum are also benefit from Citarum, as irrigation for farmer's rice field. Nowadays, Citarum is much different from the past. it is filled with floating plastic thrashes and accumulating 250+ factories' waste along its 80 kilometers ...
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Bush Pilot Papua – Indonesia, nerve of steel pilots

Papua, last pristine tropical jungle in the world has a lot of challenge for distributing food and aids thru the dense thick jungle. The most possible is thru the air, with limited landing strip facilities in the dense jungle, uncertain weather and fog condition. Those airplane is piloted by the brave, the people with nerve of steel, when you heard the plane starts talking to you, 'Terrain .... terrain ... terrain.... pull up .. pull up ... pull up" did not had their hand shakes even a second and safely ...
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Baliem Valley Wamena, The Danis and Baliem Valley Festival

2018 schedule; August 8-10 Tribe mock war festival 2018 Baliem valley cullutre festival. By attending the massive Baliem Valley Festival, visitors will have a rare chance to learn and experience firsthand the different traditions of each tribe participating in the Festival without having to make the difficult trek to their compounds deep in the hinterland of West Papua. During the festival, have your camera ready. Very often you will come across unique moments that you never want to miss. A number among the more than a thousand war participants, do ...
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Warok, Weaponproof Warrior of Ponorogo

The ancient inherited cultures in the city of Ponorogo are still in a deep undisclose for some society. Pomorogo, an 1 hour flight plus 2 hours train from Jakarta were before the Bantar Agin kingdom. The kingdom rebel to the bigger Majapahit kingdom. The villages in the ancient Ponorogo were lead and protected by a warrior. A warrior that some say has extra supranatural power and skills to protect them and the village from attack from another warrior or village. In a village that run by a warok, warok has ...
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Papua Baliem Valley and Dani Tribe, Wamena – West Papua

Wamena is a capital town of Jayawijaya Regency. The largest town in the highlands of Papua. We reached this city (Wamena/WMX) on a short 35 minutes flight from Jayapura (DJJ). Arriving the city we transfer to the nearby hotels, the best hotel available in Wamena, the building is quite new, rebuild after the president of Indonesia visiting the city. The tribe of Dani we are filming located at Kurulu, a 20 kilometers away from the city and a short walk from the car park, passing a savanna and a bridge ...
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Nabire, West Papua – Indonesia

Nabire the city located at the Cendrawasih Bay in West Papua. Cendrawasih bay itself well-known for its whale shark. Close to Nabire to Kwatisore the clear water offer a swimming with whale shark, a good filming location. With a boat ride 26 nautical miles from Nabire you will reach where te whale sharks are. The sharks are usually swimming around the Fish aggregating floating pontoon boat. That the local fisherman use to fish the sarden fish. Nabire itself, when you arrive at the airport that you will notice right away ...
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Korowai tribe, Into the deep Jungle of Papua

The Korowai tribe is a unique and remote tribal living in Papua. They are still maintain their original lifestyle and make living for hundreds orĀ  if thousands years in the deep tropical forest in Papua. The tropical rain forest, as the name is, rains are almost daily, people depends on the rains to provide them with cleaner water. The river are deep black reddish color due to the characteristic of the soil. The soil are peat soil, form of the decay of the wood log and forest that lasted thousands ...
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Filming in Komodo National Park

Komodo national park along with its amazing underwater marine world as well as scenery and the Komodo dragon itself, also offer a sports fishing shooting.Recently we have finished shooting in Labuan Bajo, shoot for the sports fishing in Komodo National park, a method that known for preserving the resources, catch and release. Komodo National Park, a 51 minutes flying from Denpasar Bali is one of Indonesia's 51 national parks. This National park uniquely because of the Komodo dragon, a giant monitor lizard that isolated by the nature of strong current ...
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The Mentawais

The Mentawais living in an 'Uma' or a long house with 2 - 5 families in the same roof, the house can be live by some 20ish people in a family. Chief of a house or a settlement or they call 'Sikerei' is the chief, head of the family, and the doctor, witch doctor, and ritual leader. Social structures seems to be hold entirely by the Sikerei solely, from the medicine, curing bite with traditional medicine that he said always works, welcoming or refusing guests, and make hunting blessing and ...
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The Asmat Tribe

Asmat Tribe are living in the West Papua- Indonesia, their settlement are in the southern west of the island. Asmat living in the estuaries, where other settlement are also living upriver and in the forest. They share common language but different dialec. Why worth to film? Asmat's cultures evolved from the Papuan stone age. They live by fishing (estuaries and ocean) hunting (upstreams) and they are developing a unique survival living habits. The estuaries tribes are the people who is visited by the tourist at most, though they may only ...
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Palu Indonesia EarthQuake with ITN Channel Five. October 2018



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