Production Travel Management

Engaging a group of vendor o transportation and manage their day to day bases for routes and timing are best to run with the local knowledge of traffic, road conditions, timings and what available at the event.

A group of film crew and may come from different locations, either those rental equipment, luggage, wardrobe, extras, need a synchronizing orchestration.

not mention when you travel between cities across the nation. transportation are become major roles to have the most shooting time and effectively travel time between spot A then spots B.

Ticketing, accommodations, luggage, equipment, foreseen and unforeseen backup, weather condition are some of the factor that sometimes taken for granted. But should not be.

We manage big group to small group of film crew to travel effectively in timely manner, providing solutions day by day and well ahead plan with some contingency plan to back up and save your time and energy, so you can focus on filming and worry-less on travelling management.

Our network of transportation provider across Indonesia’s cities will assure you all taken care during your production, since the arrival in the airport to the time you returned to airport. Either sea, air or land transportation mode are

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