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Nabire, West Papua – Indonesia

Nabire, West Papua – Indonesia

Nabire the city located at the Cendrawasih Bay in West Papua. Cendrawasih bay itself well-known for its whale shark.

Close to Nabire to Kwatisore the clear water offer a swimming with whale shark, a good filming location. With a boat ride 26 nautical miles from Nabire you will reach where te whale sharks are. The sharks are usually swimming around the Fish aggregating floating pontoon boat. That the local fisherman use to fish the sarden fish.

Nabire itself, when you arrive at the airport that you will notice right away is the heat, typical tropical heat that can reach to 34 celcius (94F) sometimes more to 38 degrees celcius (101 Fahrenheit). The moisture reach up to 95% and various light rain can turn to sunny days within hours.

Our day start with an early preparation and then taking off to a remote area. Around 45 minutes after took off, we are landing on a river !