Made To Order Documentary Film

When you need a documentary film for your broadcast, TV networks, or some arts & Cultures documentary films, you will be looking for unique stories. Then after you found the story, you need to film it.

What can best the local deep knowledge, to understand of what viewers cant see, a valid research on-site when its happening, that what you research in internet not always current and factual.

We have so many stories to tell, from cultures, arts, flora and fauna, endangered species, underwater in a ready to made package. Full thorough from general synopsis, to local knowledge and understanding of creating interviews questions. Experiences taught us how to make the most of your story. With a vast selection of stories, a fully controlled budget, and deliveries standard, all in one package.

You do not need to fly out the entire filming crews to Indonesia, or we can do it remotely, or leave us to do all the work.

You will then only need to edit raw footage in-house.

Herewith some of the complete made to order documentary filming. Synopsis, general views, locations, budgets, schedule, and casts are all prepared.

Or you can throw your ideas, and we will complete the stories for you.

  • The story of Siter, a traditional music in Java
    Budget | Interview List | Casts | Synopsis
  • The story of Traditional Bali Puppet show
    Budget | Interview List | Casts | Synopsis
  • The story of Bali Flute Musician
    Budget | Interview List | Casts | Synopsis

More stories can be found on our synopsis section.

Devil’s Miner, Sulfuric mining job in Mt Ijen

Mt Ijen, a complex group composite volcanoes in east Java - Indonesia. stratovolcanic mountain that still actively producing sulfuric fuymes. The largest caldera is Mt Ijen, a 20 kilometers wide craters with turquoise coloured acidic ...
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Asia’s Largest Shrimp Farming

Dipa Sena, A location in Sumatra, stretched along 2000 kilometres along the coastline lies the largest shrimp plantation in Asia. This area along was supplying 38% of world shrimp demands. They produce both "udang Windu" ...
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Agent of Death, A True Story of HIV/AIDS

A TRUE STORY. Indonesia, the world largest religion country, holds more than 80% majority, while the rest are various different. Bandung is one of Indonesia's largest city. Located in West Java, an 3 hours drive ...
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Filming Around Lombok Island

Lombok Island, an island next to Bali, hold many potentials for filming. Mostly offers stunning landscapes and mountain, rice fields and peoples. The island has many undiscovered beaches and locations, savannah like, a small road ...
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