Locations for filming in Indonesia

There are so many to choose from in Indonesia, with over 17.000 islands to choose from. Landscapes, cultures, tribes, jungles, temples, cities, peoples, beaches, animals, national parks, kingdoms, Palaces, abandoned placecs, farming, rice fields, rice terraces, plantations, factorires, tropiical, villas, luxury houses , traditional rites, so much more

Here we put some in our visited places, and there are much more to film . Send us the request of what you wanted to film, and we will find it.

Temples are part of the Indonesian inheritaged cultures. From Biggest buddhist temple borobudur, Prambanan, gedong Songo, and many other still excavating temples, coul dbe perfect for your filming locations in Indonesia. Bali also one of the Indonesia center of Hindhu, that has so many beutiful temple. Chinese temples, ar also available in the northern part of Indonesia

As the longest beach line country in the world and the largest archipelago, Indonesia has its secret to thousands of beautiful islands, touristic beaches, beach activities, marine life and underwater that could be you place of choice for filming in Indonesia

A mega city and simple town, flourished with options for filming and filmmakers. Along with cultures, people, environmental and custom that differ each other. A city with less complex to super complex city, or a tourist city with luxury hotels, restaurants and villas. Spreaded all over Indonesia, a hut and luxury resort for pleasure or dive enriched by surrounding vegetation and underwater marine life

17500+ islands to choose from ! less than a third inhabitant and almost 17,000 island named. 1,905 square kilometers (735,358 sq mi), the largest island countries in the world. Remote inhabitant island chain are a pick away. completely abandoned island chain with beautiful surrounding and marine life, even with fresh water and rich flora fauna.

Lavish luxury villa in Bali, exclusive luxury dive resorts, luxury yachting, super yachts, word class hotels and restaurant, traditional architectures building, bamboo and other locals built buildings, Michelin starred restaurant to the simplest restaurant and accommodation are some of the wide varieties of hotels and resto you can choose to film in Indonesia.

Tropical climate and rainforests are part in most of Indonesia island look. From the remote to closest jungle and lakes offer opportunity to filming Indonesia natures to visualize story as you looking at

In the ring of fire, vast chain series of active volcane, Indonesia hold most breathtaking mountain, plato, savannah views. From Mt Tambora, Toba Lake the largest eruption in mankind history, to Jayawijaya mountain with snowy peaks right in the equator line. Indonesia has most of what you need in filmmaking on mountain

Richness of indonesia's flora and sauna and preservation of the nature. Indonesia has 51 national parks that are welcome for filming. From the famous Komodo Dragon, one-horn-rhinoceros in Java, Dani tribe inhabitant in Wamena, The bird of Paradise, Snow peaks in Jayawijaya,Savannah Java, Orangutan in Tanjung Puting and Sumatra, Butterfly park in Sulawesi, Deep jungle Sentarum National park , West Bali National Park, Mt Tambora what left from mega eruption, and many more landscapes, animals, plants, jungles, terrains, climate offers unique sets for your film locations in Indonesia. Let us know what you want to see and we'll GET it for you.