The Bajou People

Bajou people or well-known as sea-gypsies  can be found in Indonesia, malaysia or Phillipines. Indonesia is the largest sea archipelago and it holds many bajou settlement. They are located in North of Sulawesi, Flores and the lesser Sunda islands, Borneo, and some area of Sumatra. One of the most known are located in Togean island, Selayar and on Taka bonerate area. Before settled by the Indonesian […]

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The Mentawais

The Mentawais living in an ‘Uma’ or a long house with 2 – 5 families in the same roof, the house can be live by some 20ish people in a family. Chief of a house or a settlement or they call ‘Sikerei’ is the chief, head of the family, and the doctor, witch doctor, and ritual leader. Social structures seems to be hold entirely by the […]

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The Asmat Tribe

Asmat Tribe are living in the West Papua- Indonesia, their settlement are in the southern west of the island. Asmat living in the estuaries, where other settlement are also living upriver and in the forest. They share common language but different dialec. Why worth to film? Asmat’s cultures evolved from the Papuan stone age. They live by fishing (estuaries and ocean) hunting (upstreams) and they […]

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