Documentary film production in Indonesia

Making documentary film in Indonesia offers a wide variety of topics and subjects ans stunning vibrants locations, peoples, cultures and enviromentals.

Our experience will assist your documentary filming in Indonesia. Either you coming with your team or we can produce it remotely for you.
Assure your remote research for making documentary filming in Indonesia are valid, and creating a strong-sharp story audio and visually.


Starting from collecting data aligning with provided synopsis and story line and verifying interviewees. Gathering on-field data and verify the initial data that you have to make the documentary film is more factual, valid, current and perhaps could lead to extent the references findings.

Recce are one of the most important to set the shooting location perfectly fit. Locations permit, current updated situations, extras when needed, lighting possibility, props if needed.


Then to identify the visual technical data of weather, locations,sun path, sun rise and sets, best timing as per scenario, and special events that may required for the filming.

Other to research and confirm along with visual identification is the audio, whether the locations suit, ambiance noise or sounds or any audio interference when you use wireless system.

How to get there in the most productive ways and less travel time, considering and suggesting accommodation and transportation method, working hours for crew and crew meal arrangement during the shooting.

From all above confirming data, we will presenting the budget, and some possibilities and how the available information/ events/ locations will support the story of your documentary film.


From all confirmed and valid informations, you then able to analyze and able to conclude/create a grand design and detailed of final schedule and synopsis, and what the possibility of the story or will lead to.
Also to able to dig more on your questions list, perfect locations for interviews, some ambiance shots/B-rolls, drone shot, establishment shots and other artistic visual to support the story.

At this stage we then know budgeting for the production film in Indonesia, and how the payment schedule will be including all the locations permit, national filming permit, ATA/Carnet or custom and migration visa needs ,either as well some legal aspect as the release form to be prepared.


Production should be able to start prior all the permits are confirmed. Schedule to follow could by the distance and interviewees or by timeline to follow the story and leads.

On the field, Cameramen and DOP shall be able to consult or discuss for the alternative locations should the first locations set do not sufficient for the artistic needs as well as the sound engineer to set the time and location as needed.


When you let the production to us, we also will add element of studying the framing, lighting and format of filming that you required, or learning how visually our client asked for final delivery. or by your previous series.

We can send you Hard drive as the RAW and/or file over internet as back up. It is possible to make a final edit and you received the final editing. Our producers documentary filming specialist are competent and recognized for producing documentary film in Indonesia.


When you need a documentary film for your broadcast, TV networks, or some arts & Cultures documentary films, you will be looking for unique stories. Then after you found the story, you need to film it.

Made To Order Documentary Film

When you need a documentary film for your broadcast, TV networks, or some arts & Cultures documentary films, you will be looking for unique stories. Then after you found the story, you need to film it.

What can best the local deep knowledge, to understand of what viewers cant see, a valid research on-site when its happening, that what you research in internet not always current and factual.

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